A Story of Certainty, during the Times of Uncertainty ..

What’s on 14th April, 2020? – New Year! Yes, a new year starts for the Bengali community; we plan it ahead – the financially stable folks can wear a new dress, have the quintessential Bengali feast, some house-parties and get togethers and a temple-visit. Oh, yes! Temple-visit in India is very much like a style statement (well, do read ‘style’ as ‘the evergreen’).

Ahh, hold on my fellow souls, before you go deep down into the celebration checks. Right now, we are living and diligently following this very new trend of world fashion – Quarantine, Lockdown; Social-Distancing is the new cool. And if not always, a Bong certainly does follow the cool global trends, often. Remember the fashion trend for all the young girls during the Durga Pujo in the year, 1997? – well, it was the Diana dress, Princess Diana dress. Just to help with your memory, Princess Diana passed away that year.

So, no such strict following of the traditions of celebrating the Poila Boishakh (that’s what a New Year is called in Bengali) this year. So, when will we be back to celebrations, get-togethers?- who knows! – Yes, as of today, we are pretty much living in the times of uncertainty, having no idea that how long this fashion will continue.

And during these moments, I could empower myself to retrospect on a certainty that I have been living since almost a year, now.


Yes, almost around this time of last year, year 2019, a change happened, a certain change in my life, in my lifestyle. After five long comfortable years of being in Hyderabad, it became certain, that I need to move to Bangalore. Yes, a certain change in the scope of my professional capacity led to the firm and certain decision of moving to Bangalore.

So, around April-May 2019, I moved to Bangalore, a city vaguely known to me. I was uncertain about how the new aesthetics of the life would be; I was uncertain about how my goodtimes would turn out. However, I was certain that I will follow my heart, keeping my mind in harmony. So, I kept on living with two of the many certainties of my life – that’s the aesthetics and the goodtimes. The snapshots below might give you the glimpse of these certainties that I have been living since a year.


In these crazy times of uncertainties, we can empower ourself to think and find out what are our those valuable certainties of life. What we want to hold on to? Something that we felt, was extremely needed a few months ago, might not even exist with the same value.

In these times of uncertainties, what I am absolutely certain about is, each one of us will evolve in one way or the other for the good.

With minimal effort to think and understand the self, we will be able to know what are those ‘certain’ aesthetics and the goodtimes of our life, that we feel the need for, to survive in a fairly happy manner.

Hopes are the another ‘certain’ constant. That’s how we are able to keep moving on. I hope that the coming year, certainly will be a Shubho Naboborsho (Happy New Year) in some way or the other.


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