Lunch at Golconda Pavilion – ITC Kohenur “The Luxury Collection”

Life is built of moments, moments that we live by. And if not always, a lot many times, one can choose how to live those moments; how can one have the goodtimes.

And somewhere I read, “Life moves so fast; you gotta document the Goodtimes…”

And, so when I was living such moments immersed in the aesthetics that speak of luxury and finesse at ITC Kohenur, I decided that I must blog about my experience.

ITC Kohenur one of the ITC Hotels “The Luxury Collection”, very recently opened at the IT suburbs of Hyderabad in India.


Golconda Pavilion, one of their fine dining restaurants serves multi-cuisine “24 hours” at it’s elegant, spacious and over looking the vast open sky. With a word of confirmation from Sankalp, “the Times Food Columnist and my go-to person about the food scenes”; about the elaborate spread for the lunch buffet, I decided to have a celebratory meal at this spot. I would say, the experience starts, the moment you step into this opulence.


In the middle of the week, the lunch scene at Golconda Pavilion was a culinary indulgence. The spread was an attention to detail to cater the wholesome palette for one who is in the Indian state of Telangana and loves the International flavours. In plain words, there was this gourmet salad counter along with the veg and non-veg kebabs on the table. The main course was the quintessential well-known north Indian flavours, along with the very much Telangana culinary to bring on the local touch and the right-on-point international cuisine from Italian, French and Mediterranean palette.




As mentioned the salad counter being gourmet, is definitely a big impressive pointer for a salad lover like my friend who was also my lunch accompany on that afternoon. The salad appetisers were nailed to ignite the gastronomic curiosity. Speaking of luxury dining, it’s a lot in the ingredients and it’s quality. The high quality of the food can be well found attribute of the overall experience of luxury fine dining. Chicken and Cottage cheese kebabs were very much served hot and fresh on the table. I loved my time tasting the varieties of cheese available as part of the spread; gouda, edam, cheddar, smoked cheese. Moving on to the main course, the biryani of the Lucknowi Nawabi origin and the Laal Maas from the north-indian section were couple of my top favourites. The paneer sabzi (cottage cheese curry) and the prawn curry were perfect to the taste buds, along with any Indian bread of the choice. I skipped on the Telangana section and moved on to the International flavours. Loved the lamb kaftah, baked baby potatoes and ratatouille. IMG_0739




























And for the desserts, anyone shall be spoilt for choices. To satiate the Indian sweet tooth, they had gulab jamun, kesariya kheer and Rosogolla (spelt it quintessentially Bengali way 😉 ). From the international indulgence we had strawberry entremet , tiramisu, blueberry cheesecake, mango souffle and many more. And if you do love to end your meal in a true english or french style, like the way I love, they also have tea or coffee at your service as very part of the buffet.

Must mention about everything that appeals to the senses; the music on the background is a classic of the travel series, that let’s the feelings of being on a culinary journey.










Special mention for the restaurant manager and the people at service, who were courteous and extremely efficient at serving us, what we say truly an experience of luxury dining.

After the meal, I decided to have a look around at the grandeur of this eminent luxury collection property. Across the ground floor at the very well, aesthetically set reception area with the extended lounge, the royally lit up lift lobby, the spa, the gym, I was astounded with the details. An extra curious aesthete that I am, took me to the private lounge for their in-house guests, which kept me spellbound at the fine match of turquoise blue and mustard yellow. To specially mention about the Responsible Luxury that ITC hotels advocate, the outside walls of the property are rightfully decorated with the natural greens.

ITC Kohenur has been an experience where luxury is truly defined in each of it’s details and aesthetics, that brings comfort to the soul.

The lift lobby!





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