Modern Asian personified! – RIKA at Park Hyatt, Hyderabad

“Food Explorer at heart, I am!” – this is what my senses told me, as I was thinking of attending the food tasting at one of the restaurants at Park Hyatt Hyderabad.

Park Hyatt in Hyderabad has already been  well known for providing a luxurious dining experience at The Dining Room and Tre-Forni. To it’s latest addition is a modern asian dining that brings an evening experience of a culinary journey amidst the murals and energy that caters to your soul to reinvigorate.

RIKA – Thoughtfully derived from the name Paprika, is what this place called as. Asian #Respiced !

Photo Credits: Park Hyatt

As I step in on last Thursday evening, after a long workday, immediately I could feel the vibes. The vibes that speak of tranquility yet energetic with the aromatic chillies and the live teppans and sushi bar.

Starting with the drinks at the bar, that is managed by lively and dynamic Roxanne Read, who hails from South Africa with over 9 years of experience. Myself being a teetotaler, and if said honestly, I didn’t expect to be surprised for the drinks. Well, what came to my surprise, was the drink, the mocktail. Ahh; hold on; “was that a mocktail, or a tea?” Ok, so they call it Tea Time – green tea based, spiked with orange bitters and green chilli infused; totally soothed my nerves and senses, to give me the energy for the long evening ahead. Speaking of the drink, what’s there in the serving ware? Well, it’s beyond the saying of “worth-mentioning”, the aesthete that I am, couldn’t ignore and definitely can never forget the gorgeous crockery designed very artistically, that brought the Tea Time in it for me.IMG_0454

Roxanne in action!

Along with the drinks, we were served quite a few number of interesting appetising bites. Worth mentioning for my exploring taste buds were crispy calamari, kung pao chicken, chicken pops, edamame soya beans, veggies tossed in tempura batter. Mentioning of edamame soya beans, you must know how to eat that right way!IMG_0448

Crispy Calamari

Good time at the cocktail bar, and we were ready to happily move on to the Teppanyaki live station. The chef at the teppan busy with the lobster preparation for one of the dining guests, perplexed us with his energy and the preparation techniques. And need I say more about the lobsters in preparation!IMG_0497


All of us the invitees were graciously asked for our choices from the menu of the day on the teppanyaki station and fortunately we got to taste almost each and every item and more. Teppanyaki, form of Japanese cooking of grilling on iron plate, chefs showed us their expert skills on the same. Must mention, dishes we had, took us on a quintessential culinary journey across the Asian sub-continent, with the right stroke of modern infusion. As we were more than happy with the Teppanyaki, Chef Myo, one of the top chefs at RIKA, renowned for his exquisite fusion technique paired with modern cooking methods and artistic plating, graced us with sushi and sashimi platter. And once again I get a chance to pat myself for being an explorer at heart. I always thought sushi wouldn’t be something, I would be too fond of. And the explorer in me proved me wrong, and I am absolutely happy about that. Not just once rather I embraced my palette and went for 3-4 times of sushi servings for myself.

Chef Myo in action! Photo Credits: Park Hyatt

From the Teppanyaki menu, I highly recommend:

a. Wild Mushrooms with spring onions tossed in bar-be-que sauce 


b. Sautéed tiger prawns with onion, spinach cooked in oriental yellow curryIMG_0538

c. Flambeed Australian lamb chops with onions, scallions, beansprouts tosssed in oyster sauceIMG_0523

Special mention for the variety of gastronomic Sushi and Sashimi!IMG_0591

Apart from these, we had Slow roast lamb shank with coriander buns, chicken and prawn dumplings, 2-3 varieties of rice preparation, Rika style chicken bao.RIKA1


And, just when we thought that the evening was done, the dessert showed up. “Choco lava cake with vanilla icecream”! Sounds pretty common? Well then the detail goes like, the molten chocolate is the chilli chocolate. Right, it’s already told, RIKA from the paprika.IMG_0624

Chef Myo with his culinary art “Lobster Ceviche”!
Chefs at Teppanyaki and Sushi bars!
Photo Credits: Park Hyatt

I would mention that, while dining there, let the chef know about your preferences and guide you for what to order. Specially for the Teppanyaki, you can ask them for your choice of spice level. Speaking of spice level, at RIKA you can have a look around on the various international varieties of chilies used for culinary preparation.

International Variety of Chillies!


RIKA, quintessentially a luxury dining experience that takes you on a gastronomic journey through the modern asian delicacies and rejuvenates the culinary soul in you. I can confidently tell you that here I express my experience to you, the goodtimes that I lived; but for you to experience and live the modern asian cuisine effortlessly luxurious, you need to be at RIKA.

Live the GoodTimes!

Visit: ; Contact: +914049491204

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