You love Punjabi food & Don’t Want to Stay Calm – Dildaar!

A good dining experience and the goodtimes, need not always be the costly affair.

Well, I don’t mind the expensive and the luxurious moments as well; what I am keen to bring is, we can live the best of the moments with the best of the things offered.

One such experience had been dining at Dildaar. On the go, we were hungry, and I had this name in my mind after I read a couple of positive reviews about this place in a Facebook group “Hyderabad Foodies“. With an open mind, without any firm positive expectations, we went ahead.


Located at one of those by lanes of Madhapur and the upheaval road leading to it, even made me a slightly more biased to the fact that, “don’t know, how’s the food going to be”; those certain apprehensions.


As we reached the spot, the beats of Punjabi folk music was audible. And I bet you, that folk music definitely has the power to level up your energy and mood. Stepping in, already brought me the vibes of a old Punjabi village home; the close fenced and open ceiling, seating area with dim light.

As we go further inside, we were transferred to a spot of traditional (read Indian) dining setup. The old world wooden and cemented seating space. The so Indian shades of yellow, red, pink and green cushions. The tables are well set with the traditional Indian thali.

Said that, it was was a weekday, the restaurant wasn’t that crowded and we were greeted with warmth and comfortably seated. The people in service were prompt enough to provide us with the drinking water and the menu. The menu wasn’t that elaborate but had almost all the dishes with considerable options of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, predominantly Punjabi food. All though I was looking for Chole Bhature, which is not there, in their menu, sadly 😦 Shoutout to the restaurant management, please do think about including the same 🙂

From the menu, we asked for Special Kulcha Thali, that has 2 kulchas of your choice among 6 variant of kulchas. Served along with Lacha Pyaaz, Chutney and Achhar. Kulchas are generally the stuffed version of Naan. The 2 variants available are Amritsari kulcha, Masala kulcha, Onion Kulcha, Matar Kulcha, Paneer kulcha, and Chur Chur kulcha. We were opting for Amritsari and Masala kulcha, but the person in service graciously informed us that the flavours of both the kulchas would be similar, which I was already anticipating; and suggested us to go for Chur Chur Kulcha along with Amritsari or Masala kulcha. When asked, he mentioned that the chur chur kulcha has some cheese stuffing in it. And the cheese lover in me gave the immediate consent for the Chur Chur kulcha along with Amritsari Kulcha.

Next we ordered Paneer Makhani, medium portion(medium is very much more than enough for 2 people) along with 1 Butter naan.

First the kulcha thali was served. The moment it arrived, I was amazed, seeing the patter of the chur chur kulcha and the amount of butter on the the amritsari kulcha. Okay, I know all fitness enthusiasts and the health conscious might get setback with this much amount of fat. Well, for an authentic delicious Punjabi meal, one has to compromise a little 😉 As mentioned it was served d with chhole and chutney. Lacha onion was served on table at prior. Achhar (pickle) was already present. Amritsari kulcha, was definitely one of the best ones I had in Hyderabad.  Chur chur kulcha was absolutely unique in it’s pattern. Crispy, slightly on the sweeter taste due to the presence of cheese. Definitely a must try. Chhole was prepared as a combination of chhole and lentils. I was expecting it to be Amritsari chhole. Taste wise fine, but I would anyday prefer Amritsari chhole over this preparation. Chutney was amazing; tangy, spicy, flavourful. A perfect blend of mint, coriander and raw mango with flavourful spices.


With the kulcha thali, we must not forget about the paneer makhani and butter naan. Butter naan is larger in portion than any other place. Well tandoor’ed. Paneer makhani was medium spicy; if you really love spicy gravies, this one might get a bit bland. For us, it was perfect, just perfect. Creamy in texture, perfectly flavoured to the taste buds. We also ordered 1 Missi roti, which was a tad bit more towards the gramflour flavour. I encourage the restaurant management to work on the Missi Roti’s ingredients portion and henceforth on the taste.




Ended the meal with a dessert and it’s the much loved “Gulab Jamun”. 2 served in 1 portion; assorted with chopped almonds; soft, melts in the mouth. Definitely on the pricier side, compared to any sweet shop in the city; said that, it’s served in a restaurant and moreover all the other dishes are extremely reasonably priced.


We were definitely pleased with the quality, quantity, ambience and value for money; went there again to get a quick dinner done. Ordered Kadhai Paneer and Tandoori roti (chapatti) and Butter Naan. Apologies for no pics, as I mentioned it was a super quick dinner. Worth mentioning, “Kadhai paneer” was on the spicier side contrary to its counterpart ‘Paneer Makhani”. Perfectly flavoured and rich on taste buds.

Special mention, on the norms of global cuisine, they didn’t have finger bowls and the manager informed us graciously.

With all the above experience shared, going back to the first statement of the blog; the dinner at this place has been extremely pocket friendly. And with good food and good ambience and warm service, we definitely lived out goodtimes.

Food: 3.8 (I would really want them to improve further on their food)

Service: 4.2

Ambience: 3.8 (I would love them if they can work on increasing the light in the restaurant and also if they always play punjabi folk music 🙂 )

Value for money: 4.5

“Create your GoodTimes, Live you GoodTimes!” 🙂

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