DurgaPujo2017! Loccitane experience! ShubhoMahaPanchami #bloggersDurgaPujo

Sharodiya Shubhechha! 🙂

That’s how the Bengalis greet each other, for the festive days during Durga Pujo, each and every year.

Shubho MahaPanchami! 🙂 (for the festive day today, 25th September 2017)

As far as my memory goes, and as many Bengalis I know, Durga Puja is not only celebrated with spiritual inclination, but this expands to a grand celebration. A celebration that encompasses special preparation for everything as part of their lifestyle. That includes style, beauty, dining, rituals, and more. A lot of people even includes travel. Yes, when we used to stay in Rajasthan back then in 90’s, at Chittorgarh there used to be no Durga Puja, in those days. The nearest Durga Puja used to happen in Udaipur. And for every DurgaAshtami we used to travel to Udaipur for pushpanjali and bhog and sometimes for Navami too.

Throwback: DurgaPujo2015, Kolkata

Since those times, and now on a present day, a lot has evolved. Now we have malls in India, we have bigger international brands in India, industry culture has evolved and many such things. Our self-indulgence has evolved. Whether getting a traditional handloom sari from an heirloom store or a designer piece; whether raising the bars of home skin care or in a known beauty brand. Over the years, I have stayed in different parts of India during Pujo. But at the core, it’s very much the same.

As I visit Kolkata this year, apart from the “#ootd for each day of Pujo”, I had some beauty goals in my mind. I definitely had a plan to visit the Loccitane store at the Quest mall for their hair care range. As I picked up a shampoo from the store, the store manager Pooja Das Saxena graciously asked me to visit the store again at the end of my shopping. She told me that she will give me a demo of a facial spa by a Loccitane skincare range. I won’t deny accepting, I was happy. Who wouldn’t be! Getting a complimentary facial spa by this French beauty company, that too when Durga Puja is just around the corner; definitely a feel-good factor.IMG_4038

Post all the shopping, I made it to Loccitane for my time of beauty ritual. I went with no specific inhibitions. Definitely, I didn’t go with any high hopes. All I knew at that moment, I was in the safe hands (the company name, and the instincts for the person who would be doing it).

Pooja definitely embraced me in the store. She absolutely as an expert professional, made me comfortable with the seating and other necessities and started with the bliss (as I call it now 😉 ). IMG_4008

The range she used was Reine Blanche, French for “White Queen” . Sounds uncanny? Even on the products, it’s mentioned, ‘whitening’. 😉 Well, even I googled the meaning just before writing this blog 🙂 Okay, so before any apprehensions for the ‘whitening’ part, let’s keep reading 🙂 After she used, and even when I used a couple of the samples from the same range, all I could figure out is, it’s brightening my skin. It’s bringing up the lost radiance back. And, it’s fading away whatever dark spots or blemishes I had, like a magic. On a very important note, I would mention that whitening is for fading the dark spots or blemishes. On using it religiously, it brightens the skin tone and brings it to even. That’s it!IMG_4018

So, on a brief note, Reine des Prés is a pure white flower known for its lightening properties: the flower is illuminating its petals over time. It naturally contains salicylic acid – renowned for boosting luminosity and helping epidermal renewal. Every product of the Reine Blanche range has this flower as a major ingredient. The facial spa included cleansing my skin with the illuminating foaming cleanser, which itself gave a soothing and a brightening effect. Followed by the scrub from this range which is extremely gentle yet so effective to remove the dead cells. Then the most miraculous part is the sleeping mask. She applied the sleeping mask on my face (minus the eye area), On the eyes, she applied the eye mask. As soon as she applied it, it was calming and soothing; you feel so relaxed from within. It feels like your stressed skin is getting absolute relaxation and in turn getting rejuvenated. This was kept for say, 15 mins. Then it was removed and the facial mist followed by the whitening cream moisturizer was applied. And, the result was instantly visible. Brightened, Relaxed, Radiant! I also used the same range serum, moisturizer and sleeping mask samples at home; and with every use, it definitely treated and rejuvenated my skin.




With this range, I definitely saved my last-minute salon visit for facial 🙂 And yes, a special mention for their Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner from the haircare range. Using that at home, as it’s making my hair softer without weighing them down; with every wash, it gives the feeling of a spa hair wash.  Amande Shower scrub is an amazing body polisher. It’s a shower scrub turning into creamy form. All their products are crafted aesthetically, keeping in mind the natural ingredients sourced from the En Provence region of France.


L’occitane en Provence has a huge range of skincare and haircare to suit all kinds of skin and hair. The Loccitance experience itself is sheer luxury. And, as I mentioned in one of my insta posts, “What Durga Pujo is to Bengalis, French Skincare is to Beauty Industry!”


Why I intended to write about my experience, without any collaboration with the brand? I wanted to share my goodtimes, I want to spread the cheer. If I get to experience the feel-good factors, I definitely intend to share it with you all. 🙂 Durga Pujo is about sharing and celebrating the joy, love… And we Bengalis definitely embrace all aspects of our lives in this one festival.

I would love to hear from all of you as well if you also get such goodtimes in your lives. Or, let’s make it more specific, what are your kind of goodtimes for Durga Pujo, considering the beauty aspect. Let me know, do you stick by home remedies, or you indulge yourself. How do you like to go for your makeup? What products do you swear by? Share your Pujo Shaaj or Pujo Skincare pics. Or even, share with us your Pujo style pics, Pujo bhog, pujo special recipe or even home decor pics. Which city are you based and share your Pujo pics from the city? We would love to feature you accordingly 🙂

We? Who ‘the we’?  Read ahead … 🙂

This year Durga Pujo has come up with more goodtimes in my life as 4 bloggers from 4 different cities of India are bringing together, their pujo experiences to all of you, through a week-long series of blog posts. These include their childhood Pujo experiences and learnings, Pujo special recipes, pujo shaaj(beauty and makeup; capturing the aspects), and the pujo fervour of their cities. Bloggers being the observant bringing them together under #bloggersDurgaPujo

Share with us your Pujo pics using the ‘hashtag’ given above and follow and tag us on Instagram. Our Instagram profiles are given below. Would love to see and bring to the world, all of your Pujo aesthetics and goodtimes.

Durga Pujo is celebrated with immense joy and enthusiasm by Bengalis all over the world. Join Four bloggers from four different parts of the country as they bring to you a kaleidoscope of festive fervour in the form of blog posts and videos for an entire week. We hope to entertain, inform and enthrall you in a quest to involve everyone in our moment of joy. I am happy to be one of the co-creators for this creative team called #bloggersDurgaPujo

To present it to you with the DurgaPujo fervour in a blogger’s way: (designed by Rahul @bongfooodie)

Kuheli Paromita Shamik Rahul
Read Blog Read Blog Read Blog Read Blog


Participating bloggers are
Rahul Basu
Shamik Byabartta
Kuheli Bhattacharya www.thefoodietrails.com
Rahul will be posting his first blog of the series tomorrow, mentioning about ‘how the probashis welcome the Pujo’ .
Happy Durga Pujo! 🙂

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  1. Paromita loved your take on whitening. Indians with their obsession with fairness, forget to celebrate radiance ! Have a rocking pujo and yes to everyone look out for our pujo shaaj and pujo celebrations via the hashtag #bloggersdurgapujo and also be a part of the celebrations by sharing your happy memories with us.


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