‘Kakatiya Kirraak Brunch’ – Sundays for Hyderabadi Cuisine at ITC Kakatiya!

When in Hyderabad, eat Hyderabadi cuisine!

Well, if not always :), definitely a must have thing 🙂

3 years back, first time as I step in the royal city of Hyderabad, one thing I definitely knew, is to explore the culinary extravaganza, the royal gastronomy of the place.

From then, 3 years now, May 2017: –

I get the invite for experiencing ‘Kakatiya Kirraak Brunch’, the splendid brunch
which embraces the spirit and taste that the culinary culture of Hyderabad have been
offering over the years.

ITC Kakatiya, the Hyderabad chapter for the renowned ITC hotels and known for being the epitome of luxury has come up with the most innovative yet so grounded concept for their Sunday brunch at the Deccan Pavillion.

The Kakatiya Kirraak Brunch – Finely curated by Chef Paul Noronha and Chef Jamal.

Chef Jamal, who hails from Hyderabad, mentions “Kirraak” means ‘absolutely awesome’/’outstanding’. This is what both the chefs have to say about this exclusive Sunday brunch:

It is said that, in order to understand the people, place and their culture, the best way is to understand their food. And to give its guests the experience of true Hyderabadi culture, the two culinary experts took an extra effort and walked an extra mile for curating the special brunch. Featuring a gamut of popular delectables both from the streets of Hyderabad as well as from the royal kitchens, the menu for this brunch has been designed, keeping in mind the brilliance of Hyderabadi flavours, a perfect blend of street food and royal essence.

Hyderabadi cuisine, also known as Deccani cuisine is the illustration of various flavours, spices, and cooking techniques. It starts from simplest form of snacks like onion samosas to assorted bread to gosht biryani to brilliant meat delicacies to desserts like khubani ka meetha.

Hyderabadi cuisine is the fine balance of exquisite Nizami flavours and the amalgamation of Arabic, Persian and the Turkish influences. It is beyond the regular fame of haleem and Hyderabadi biryani. The flavours of each delicacy are subtle yet distinctive.

Some of the resplendent Hyderabadi dishes were Sheekh Kebab, Gosht Biryani, Paya Shorba, Gosht ka Marag, Shahi Tukra, Khubani Ka Meetha, which is simply a proportion of the elaborate spread. They had assorted bread to go with the curries. To start or to end with, they have Irani chai with Onion Samosa, Dum ka Roat and much more. They have multiple live counters for a variety of kebabs with distinctly palatable flavours exclusively for fish, chicken, meat and cottage cheese. The other favorites are Bheja Fry and Gurda Kapura. The lavish affair of the culinary essence of traditional Hyderabadi cuisine has every element of an exquisite taste buds of a food lover; it has comfort, it is rich in flavours, it has the delicacy of composition, it is royal!

The lavish affair of the culinary essence of traditional Hyderabadi cuisine has every element of an exquisite taste buds of a food lover; it has comfort, it is rich in flavours, it has the delicacy of composition, it is royal!

A visual trip for the elaborate brunch goes like this 🙂 , and said that it is definitely only a few portions of the fabulous spread.












Snapshots from my platter!





Adding to this, they also have a detailed multicuisine spread, Continental starters to Thai green curry to assorted European freshly baked bread. And an absolutely delightfully detailed dessert spread 🙂









Known for its hospitality, ITC Kakatiya definitely gone strong, as for the first time the food explorers, the culinary lovers, the gourmet gets the luxury of dining the exquisite royal elaborate gastronomical culture of Hyderabad in a star hotel brunch. And, all this is there with the sparkling wine or champagne.





With Chef Paul Noronha, Sankalp Vishnu and Harish Misra








And, a teaser throwback to the preview of the Kirraak Exclusive:

So, what are you waiting for! If you are new in Hyderabad or even if you had already got the culinary palate of Hyderabad, this Sunday brunch is a must explore; all under one roof of dining extravagance. Needless to mention, Deccan Pavillion would cater to your luxury taste buds with its utmost opulence of hospitality.


—Deccan Pavillion

ITC Kakatiya

Call at: 040-23400132

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