Telugotsavam by HFC at The Spicy Venue – Definitely it’s a Happy Ugadi 2017 :)

This weekend has been a remarkable one. Starting the Saturday morning with some retail therapy, then moving on to the gala musical event “Johnnie Walker – The Journey” at The Westin, Hyderabad. As the eventful Saturday kissed a good night at around 12.30 am, all I knew was that the Sunday is going to be pretty culturally rich in the matters of food. What I didn’t know was this “pretty culturally rich” event might turn up into a rich cultural experience of not only food but people, music, vibes and the overall experience of a Telugu culture.

“Telugotsavam” a food event organized by Hyderabad Foodies Club (HFC) in association with The Spicy Venue, on a Sunday just prior to the Ugadi on 29th March 2017, was to mark the attempt to gently remind the forgotten ecstasy of Telugu traditional celebrations while introducing the time-honored cultures to the younger generation.IMG_1275

Hyderabad Foodies Club (HFC) Admins: From left to right – Harshit Jain, Rahul Basu, Sankalp Vishnu, Soumya Bandaru

The Spicy Venue’, the restaurant gets the credits for spreading the finely curated buffet menu of the authentic Telugu cuisine aromas for the event. The elaborate menu was a gourmet’s dream come true, to experience the Telugu culinary. Each and every delicacy from the spread was brilliant to the taste buds. For me, it was definitely one of the many experiences I had with the particular regional buffet; and myself from a Bengali origin, I feel fortunate, to experience such cultural culinary extravaganza. The landscape or the architecture of the restaurant looks like someone’s residential property and thus, adds the personal aesthetic charm to the dining experience. For the event, this lovely property was beautifully decorated with the flowers all around. The long strips of yellow and orange marigolds, added so much character, charm and the quintessential festive spirit of southern India.

Left: Sampath Srinivas Tummala (MD, The Spicy Venue), Right: Sankalp Vishnu(Admin, HFC)
Photo Credits: Arvind Ramachander (Sooperclicks)

The spread had Ugadi pachhadi to various kind of Telugu flavoured pickles to Rasam, Pappucharu, Pulusu, Ulavacharu, and more, with different kinds of flavoured rice and a live dosa counter. Among the non-vegetarian dishes, total love for the Crabs iguru, Chicken iguru, and mango mutton curry. A gastronomical delight, for an explorer, an explorer of food and culture! Almond House is the one that arranged for their delicious hot bobbatlu, and absolute indulgent Putharekulu at the live counters. Also, there were apricot delight, sliced mangoes and more. Well, the culinary winner to my explorer taste buds were Ragi Sangati with Mango Mutton curry and a little added clarified butter.Menu

My palette !














I would take a chance to introduce you to Arvind Ramachander (in case, if you don’t know already 😉 ), who does some amazing photography and for this post, I am taking some of his clicks from the event. Well, his photography adds so much story of the moment to each of the clicks. You can visit his page here.

The added glamour to the event was the performance by the band Capricio. They personified this pre-Ugadi celebration with some lovely Telugu and Hindi songs. These guys added so much charm, indeed. The crowd definitely had a gala time. Also, there was the Telugu classical singer Harini Rao to grace the occasion. Well worth a mention, a song sung by the band at the event, definitely added a thing in my to do list ” To learn Kammani Ee Premalekha” 🙂 . A glimpse of the performance by Capricio was captured by Arvind Ramachander:

Band Capricio – Photo Credits: Arvind Ramachander (Sooperclicks)
Band Capricio with Telugu Classical Singer Harini Rao and a prestigious Home Chef Mr.Dinesh Purushottam

The other interesting features of the event: A Mehendi spot – a lady who was adorning the hands of the elegant ladies present there, with the art of mehendi. And, last but not the least, one of the busiest and the beloved  Chilaka (Parrot) 😉 – there we had a parrot astrologer.

Photo Credits: Arvind Ramachander (Sooperclicks)
Parrot Astrologer – Chilaka

This has been definitely one of its kind of an event, by the Hyderabad Foodies Club; food, music and all the cultural fun at one place. The event has been a major success, with all the finest details at its place, including the token of gift along with handmade dolls by Tsunamika for all its guests. Thank you so much #HFC , #TheSpicyVenue , #AlmondHouse , #ArvindRamachanderPhotography!

Us – The People !

And, on this auspicious New Year day of Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana states of India, I uploaded the first video on my YouTube channel, that gives you the glimpse of this whole event of Telugotsavam at The Spicy Venue:

The Spicy Venue Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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