‘Genuine Broaster Chicken’: Indo-American casual dining!

Hyderabad can be easily considered as one of the most happening cities in India, considering the expansion of restaurant industry and the emerging variety of foods available. Who knew back then, that this city of southern India, will be slowly becoming a food city of global gourmet. The culinary extravaganza is not a mere luxury anymore, rather an everyday experience.

Keeping up to that, this city got the very first outlet for Genuine Broaster Chicken, the pioneer in the field of Broaster Chicken. It’s an American heritage since 1954.img_9627

The Mumbai-based Yellow Tie Hospitality (YTH), a food & beverages franchise management company is already in the process of expanding the variety of outlets for this American Chicken brand. They have already spread their name in some of the major Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of India, including Mumbai (Versova), Kolkata (Loudon Street), Patna, Raipur (Shankar Nagar) & Surat (Adajan) . And, now, it is just launched in Hyderabad at Road No 10, Jubilee Hills; one of the prime and easily accessible locations in Hyderabad.

Happy Diners – of Harley Davidson Group in Hyderabad

I was invited for the pre-launch food tasting session, of this place. Before the invite, I did know about broasted chicken, but after getting the invite, I wanted to know more about it. You can get to know a lot about the what, why and when of genuine broaster chicken here. Broasted, as it says, “pressure fries” the food item, that makes it absorb much lesser oil, and yet cooking it as an extremely succulent, and mouthwatering.

It was my first tryst with tasting broasted chicken. And did I mention, that the brand ambassador for this franchise in India is the Celebrity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi ! The chef has himself designed the unique menu based on Indian flavours and the taste buds for this brand to blend it perfectly along with the authentic menu designed by the company. Also, when you have a look on the menu, all the food items are named in a really quirky way and reflecting the fusion ‘indo-American’.b7808c27-8fc5-4884-95cc-c83c9d28be23


Before I go ahead with the food there, few words for the ambience; rustic, global, and with a vintage charm. It has old school benches, quirky rustic chairs with global imprints, a decor that brings the global aesthetics.interiors1


As per the expert’s recommendation, I was given to taste their various specialities. To start with, first served was The Legendary 6 piece Genuine Broaster Chicken palette along with Chulbul Cola. For the platter, you can either go for a single variety or you can have a combination of 3 different varieties. I got the combination of all the three varieties; the classic plain ones, the Happy fried ones, and the Masala chicken. I loved the Masala chicken fries the most. The Happy fried ones have a slight flavour of lemon and cheese. This platter comes with three variety of dips to choose from – Sweet chilli dip (salsa sauce kind of), Curry mango dip and Cheesy jalapeno. As told about broasted chicken, this was definitely much less oily, more juicy and tender. My all time favourite is Cheesy jalapeno dip, but I would love to put a special mention for curry mango dip – a tangy flavour. Chulbul Cola is a masala coke version and nice to have as a companion drink for these indo-American specialities. The coolest part of the drink is, the way it’s served; in a classic Thumbs Up -> bottle-turned-glass.img_9603


Next to this, I was served Ghotala Khichdi. They have both veg and non-veg options in this. I opted for the non-veg one. I must say, this is one of the best kind of dishes I had. It had fried chicken keema and egg strips along with lamb chunks. The portion in the pic is not the general portion. On a regular day, the portion served per plate is almost twice of it. Perfectly flavoured, on a spicier side. Though, I don’t have a generous taste buds for spicy food, but this one, I really loved. A must-have for me, on my next visit.ghotalakhichdi

They also have an amazing variety of burgers with some quirky Indian flavours. I am not a burger lover in general, but if I have it, I have to have that, which is really awesome. When I was asked, for a burger to taste, I opted for the Lamb Rogan Josh Burger, which comes in the red bun. So, this place has two kinds of buns for the burgers, strikingly in red and green colours. The red bun is of beetroot extracts while the green bin is of spinach extracts. Well, these are some of the simple yet so remarkable innovations in the food industry. Coming to the taste of the burger; I loved it! So, it’s been a couple of weeks that I went there for the food tasting, and as I am mentioning about it now, I am craving for it yet gain, so soon. The flavours of the patty are absolutely divine to the gastronomy. I definitely didn’t have the appetite to taste another burger, but when I asked for a recommendation for the gourmet who are vegetarians, I was mentioned about the Palak Paneer burger that comes in a green bun with a patty made of traditional palak paneer. Definitely, a must try for me, next time!img_9608

Later but not never, I wanted to taste a veg appetiser and opted for Firangi Palak Paneer Dip, served along with strips of garlic bread. 6 to 8 strips of garlic bread per palette, are served crispy, butter toasted. Firangi palak paneer dip is of spinach in the cheese dip, tastes drooling and if you are a ‘garlic bread with dip’ lover, this can definitely make a place in your culinary soul. From the menu, next time I would love to try, either Thai Paneer Cigars or Cheesy Jalapeno Bites.img_9615

And ending this sumptuous food tasting session with Gulkand muffin and Chocolate Samosa. Gulkand is a famous preserve of rose petals from the Indian subcontinent and is served as part of paan or mouth freshener. Definitely, getting one of my favourite flavours in the form of a muffin, is an indulgence for me. The muffin has the molten Gulkand extract at the centre. This dessert is absolutely one of the USPs of this place. Chocolate samosa is served along with mango ice-cream, can be passed off.

Gulkand muffin
Chocolate samosa with ice-cream

For the part, space is a tad small, but I am sure, they will eventually work on it; considering the fact that, the food and the experience here will be really good and a kind of unique for it’s customers. And, I would definitely recommend this place for their USP food items like burgers, ghotala khichdi, gulkand muffin along with the ambience.collage

My rating for the place goes like:

Food: 4.2

Service: 4

Ambience: 4.2

Value For Money: 3.8


I wish all my readers, “Happy Indo-American dining” at Genuine Broaster Chicken.

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