Jivati – Live the conscious vegetarian culinary!

“People are fed by the Food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the Health industry, which pays no attention to food.” – once quoted by a well-known american novelist, environmental activist, cultural critic and farmer, Wendell Berry.

How many of us agree to this, on today’s date? As the food industry and restaurant chains are growing, exponentially in India; there is also a lot of awareness in healthy and conscious eating, strategically.

Other metropolitan cities(tier 1 and tier 2, both), have already got their share for health cafes, restaurants and eating joints. In Hyderabad, it’s only a few yet, considering the average number of restaurants spread across the twin cities. Well, as the acceptance for conscious eating and wellbeing is increasing and so does the need for healthy eating places, should be met. And to help out in such a cause, we got a new organic restaurant that serves the Indian regional delicacies with fine attention to the authenticity.

JIVATI – that’s the new organic vegetarian restaurant in town, located at Road No 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. This restaurant claims for giving its customer the pesticide-free, pure, healthy, ‘natural’ and hygienic experience of dining, without compromising on taste. I was invited for the pre-launch food tasting session.

Photo Courtesy: Rahul Basu

The restaurant has an ambience that blends the old-Indian dining with modern vibes. The entrance has a giant idol of Lord Ganesha. They serve three different thalis from the three out of four zones in India. Namely, the South Indian thali, North Indian thali and the East Indian thali. The items served on the

They serve three different thalis from the three out of four zones in India. Namely, the South Indian thali, North Indian thali and the East Indian thali. The items served on the thali, keeps rotating on day to day basis. Along with all these, they also have a buffet spread comprising of regional delicacies across India, priced at Rs.599+ . Each and every dish is prepared with certified organic ingredients.jivati-organic1

South Indian Thali takes into account the five states from the Deccan part of India – Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. That day we were served Bagara rice along with poori, sambhar, bagara baingan, banana chips and phirni. Bagara rice, bagara baingan and phirni, absolutely my favourite. My Bengali taste buds, showed so much love to phirni with poori, as bengalis love their “luchi and paayesh” (deep fried bread and rice pudding with flavours of cardamom).img_9523

North Indian Thali was a more generalised and had pulao/fried rice along with dal makhni, paneer/cottage cheese curry, mixed veg curry, mushroom curry. The dessert served in the thali was gulab jamun. They also served phulka, and definitely one of the best phulkas in Hyderabad. Mushroom curry, my pick from the north indian thali.img_9531

East Indian Thali, precisely includes homebound authentic delicacies from West Bengal and Orissa. East Indian thali had misti pulao (sweet pulao), alu-posto (potato and poppy seeds curry) , begun-pora(roasted eggplant), alu-methi(potato with fenugreek leaves fried), cholar daal naarkel diye (gram lentil with coconut). The dessert served was chhanar jheele (a fried dessert made of cottage cheese). Daal and alu posto, my favourites from the thali.img_9537

All these thalis are priced at Rs.399+. My favourites have been South Indian thali and the East Indian thali.

Points worth highlighting:

1. The whole meal was really light on appetite, given the fact it is “organic”.
2. They also have an organic store, where you can get your daily needs or organic groceries.
3. They don’t serve ‘a-la-carte’.
4. Portion served for thali – unlimited.
5. Drinking water served is ‘only’ Himalaya water, which is complementary, on every table.jivati-organicstore
Situated at one of the prime locations, with a lovely ambience, this place can take you to the of authentic regional culinary of India(enforcing on the ingredients used) and will help you in your conscious living lifestyle. As a part of anyone’s wellness journey, this can serve as a conscious indulgence.
My ratings for the place goes like this:
Food: 3.8
Ambience: 4
Service: 4
Value For Money: 4
Regional Authenticity of thali (special factor, I check): 4

So, now we can have our faith on food industry 🙂 , that helps us with health, along with taste. Happy ‘healthy and conscious’ dining ! Lets live the life of wellness and consciousness.


Jivati Organic Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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