‘Swad Kesariya’: Winter Food Festival at ‘Khandani Rajdhani’

Rajasthan, the place reminds me of colours, vibrancy and some distinctive flavours. Majorly, a soulful place for spicy taste buds. Many years ago, when I was moving to another state from Rajasthan, one thing I was definitely worried of, ‘where and when I can have good and satisfying Rajasthani food, again?’. That was the time, back in my childhood. Over the passing years, only during few occasions, that too courtesy to my friends belonging to the place, I could manage to have the delicacies. Not only, how a food is cooked but also the availability and use of some home grown veggies and spices and sweet delicacies, make it distinctive in these places.

Photo Credits: Rahul Basu (Photolicious Inc.)

Thanks to the exponentially growing food and beverages industry, now, the flavours which are special to a particular place, is in the reach of outside world as well. And eventually a few years ago, when I was in Kolkata, I got to know about the lavish vegetarian thali of Khandani Rajdhani.

Khandani Rajdhani has been one such pioneer for Vegetarian Thali restaurant to provide you with the wide variety of quintessential delicacies from Rajasthan and Gujarat; and an additional touch from  Maharashtra. Gujarat becomes the complementary addition to the spicy flavours of Rajasthani cuisine, due to the sweetness, it comes along with. I have visited this restaurant multiple times in Kolkata as well as in Hyderabad.

Even though am a non-vegetarian, I never deprive myself of trying the culinary extravagance of vegetarian dishes. And when it comes from an exclusively vegetarian dining hospitality, it must be special.

Winter is the time, which supports the appetite to go an extra mile on the gastronomical pleasure. And keeping that in mind, Rajdhani in Hyderabad has come up with Winter Food Festival ‘Swad Kesariya’. This comprises of some special winter combos along with the regular Thali menu. It started on 16th December 2016 and will continue till 30th December 2016.img_9393


The combos are available on a rotational basis; one combo daily. I was invited to the promotional event of this food festival. And, all I could say is, ‘this was the best thali I had, in Rajadhani’. img_9353


From the special winter combos, my favourite were ‘Ker Sangri Kofta’, ‘Moong Rotla’, ‘Haldi ki Sabzi’, ‘Methi ka Pitla’. There are my other favourites from the daily thali like ‘baati-churma’, ‘Gujrati dal’ (sweet in taste), ‘Kadhi’. And, did I mention that they have also added the winter savoury flavours from Punjab, ‘Makai di roti and Sarson da saag’. ‘Badam halwa’ has been drooling.

Dal Baati Churma
Assorted Indian breads – Phulka, Jeera parota, Poori, Moong Rotls, Bajre ka Rotla
Methi Pakodi
Ker Sangri ka Kofta
Methi Pitla
Sarson da saag
Haldi ki Sabzi
Badam halwa


Clockwise from top: Gajar ka halwa, Goond ke laddu, Adidya pak


You might get tired of eating, but they will not be tired of serving. You eat, eat and eat 🙂img_9333rajdhani

Well, I had definitely done justice to my love for the authentic vegetarian cuisine of the princely states of India. All I would say, it’s nothing lesser than a royal reservation for your culinary love. Leave the thoughts of calorie count for your workout time; as this is definitely going to be drooling indulgence of ghee/clarified butter and white butter/authentic makkhan 😉

Winter comes once in a year and I definitely didn’t want to wait too long for the feelings of a satiating appetite. The pics below definitely shows the happiness of my content gourmand soul 🙂

Photo Credits: Rahul Basu (Photolicious Inc.)

The thali is priced at Rs.400 for weekday lunch, dinner at Rs.450 and weekends both lunch and dinner at Rs.450; All Tuesdays they have the Special Tuesday Thali offer at Rs.250. And, as mentioned earlier, combos are available on a rotational basis. Festival is on till, 30th December 2016, at Khandani Rajdhani restaurant in Forum Sujana Mall and Banjara Hills. Better you can call up the restaurant to check for the combos available and to make the reservation.

To know more about my foodie journey and to get instant updates, follow me on Instagram @paromitab_ag  and on Facebook page @AestheticGoodtimes .

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