Ci Gusta! …’We like it’, yet once again

“We like it…” that is what and how we assert ourselves, everytime we visit this place 🙂

And that was how I ended my previous blog about this place!

One of those times when we can’t think much about a new place to explore, or rather can’t get into the spunk of exploring a new place; because all you want that time is to have some good food to serve your hunger. And, daring to explore a new place then, is tricky some. 😉 Also, when we don’t want to go too far to have some good food?

All you want is a place, that let you assert to yourself, “We like it…” 😉 , during the last visit.

Living somewhere around the Hitech City in Hyderabad, I always felt, I should have at the least that one restaurant where I can reach within 10 mins and have my comfort food.

So, at one such bylane of Madhapur, I got my comfort zone, where everytime I could; rather we could happily say, “We like it”

We like it… Ci Gusta!

Yes, that’s a big shout out to Ci Gusta! … We like this restaurant; rather, we love this restaurant. A disclaimer added; not only for great food but also for amazing service and at a considerably reasonable price!wp_20161112_23_09_26_pro

A stop at this cafe complements my fondness for Italian in a healthy way, as well as indulgence in a lively way.

During my last few visits in last one month; ahhn…I am blogging about this place again, just over a month 😉  So yes, everytime I got to taste something new, something exhilarating. If one is a must try, the other one can definitely be considered as one of your options.

  1. Watermelon Carpaccio + Goat Cheese  – From the Salads section. We had it on one such day when we had a super filling lunch, and all we wanted for a dinner is a very light dish. And something as healthy as a salad comprised of a fruit, green leafy vegetable along with some walnuts and cheese; what more could we have asked for. Added to these are the flavours of caramel, chilli oil, vanilla salt, kaffir lime honey and onion slices. The cheese is the goat cheese, which is slightly salty in taste. The green leafy vegetable is Arugula, rocket leaves of Mediterranean origin and bitter in taste. The fruit is one of my absolute favourites, thinly sliced watermelon. Perfect to its taste, perfect to the appetite, and can be the comfort zone of the health conscious.0d908566-8aa8-4d9b-aff1-4546f6d6d7eb0001

2. Stuffed Mushrooms Vermicelli – These are mushrooms stuffed with minced veggies and garnished with crispy vermicelli on the top. Nice to have. I feel, a slight pop of cheese in the mushroom can add the pleasure to have it. Loved the crispy vermicelli part. Served with the salsa sauce. One portion comes with 8 small bites.stuffmushroom

3. Bollywich – I really don’t know what’s the secret behind adding ‘Bolly’ to this sandwich 🙂 All I know is that this was healthy, delicious and very very filling. We opted for whole wheat bread. The filling in the sandwich is curried vegetable along with scrambled cottage cheese and sorrel puree. Sorrel is from the spinach family and is usually added to salads or soups. The sharp taste of sorrel puree adds that extra flavour to the sandwich. It was served along with french fries and sliced cucumber. I can easily say, this has been one of the best veg sandwiches I had till date, in Hyderabad.wp_20161211_21_09_16_pro

4. Chizooki – From their gelato delicacies menu, a freshly baked soft chocolate cookie, more like a cake; served along with vanilla gelato and chocolate sauce on the top. What a heavenly indulgence! Something that neither gives you the sugar rush nor let you feel deprived of the extravagance of sinful pleasures 🙂 A great alternative for those who gets a pastry as their birthday cake, because of the need for a smaller portion. It will definitely give you the feelings of luxury.wp_20161211_21_54_06_pro

5. Gelato Cheesecake – A dream come true for a cheesecake lover; a classic romance for a gelato lover 😉 They serve this in stack layer with a digestive biscuit as its base, topped with cheesecake and vanilla gelato with blueberry flavour. Trust me, that makes it all the more indulging. This is definitely a must try from their not-so-old introduction of gelato delicacies. It is also added to one of my favourite desserts and mentioned here.gelatocheesecake

6. Hazelnut coffee shake with Gelato on top – Precisely, a Hazelchino shake. Can be added to one of your options, if you are a coffee lover and longing for some calmness. Hazelnut flavour adds the excitement to it. A perfect blend for me who loves her life and coffee both, as a perfect balance of excitement yet calmness and that let her get lost in the goodtimes 🙂wp_20161203_22_15_02_pro

7. Chamomile Tea – Ci Gusta! keeps some choices of luxury tea. As per the availability, one can choose. I went for Chamomile tea. The teabag was by a premium tea seller Newby. And, all I can say is that it rejuvenated me on a tired day. wp_20161208_19_28_37_pro0001

Considering multiple visits and tasting various kind of delicacies, my rating goes like:

Food: 4.5

Service: 5

Ambience: 4.5

Value For Money: 4.5

Myself into some serious action! 😉

Have a great gastronomy! 🙂

Ci Gusta! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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