Lunch at Amara, Trident! An eternal, opulent and exotic culinary delight!

Birthdays have to be special!

Food on a birthday has to be special!

Place to have the food on a birthday has to be special!

With all these points in mind, what else could have been a better option than an elaborate multicuisine lunch buffet at the all-day dining restaurant of Trident Hyderabad, “amara“.img_9161

Strong, attractive, stylish, and multicultural this name is also the Esperanto form of Mary–in the misbegotten language that was once the hope for a completely international form of communication. The African meaning of this name, speaks about “grace, kindness”. Amara in Sanskrit means immortal or eternal and in Mongolian it means peaceful. 

Such a thoughtful name of this restaurant does justice to its menu and overall culture. The name speaks volumes about being international; that includes everything, food, ambience, service. With the best of the delicacies from across the globe, chosen for a lunch buffet; aesthetically presented; the taste of each item gives you the gastronomical pleasure; and, the overall experience of dining gives the memories for eternity. What more can we expect from something that itself means eternal?

Knowing at prior, I was going to blog about my experience, I reached the place slightly early. Said that Trident is exquisitely opulent in its architecture and interiors; I knew I have more than enough to explore there. I also knew that everything about my birthday had to be super stylish, yet down to earth. And, deciding to have the lunch at “Amara”, was one such stylishly right decision 🙂 The lunch starts at 12.30pm and I was there at sharp 12.25pm, to capture the spread before the other guests start appearing. And as I started photographing the food, what I observed was, the staff at the restaurant were carefully checking everything. Whether the dishes have been kept in a culinary sequential manner; whether the aesthetics of the spread prim and proper; whether each item has been served perfectly. And, as I was observing all these with so much of keenness, I could capture one such moment, when one of the experts was carefully adding the quintessential olive oil to hummus, to give it that perfect taste 🙂img_9149


As I tried to bring the visual treat for this detailed gastronomy, I would put a disclaimer, “this is half of what it was as a whole spread”. The spread was not only a lavish culinary delight, but also super stylish in its presentation. Who said, “style is only about, what are you wearing” 😉

Tomato soup on left with my first platter of starters on right. The soup was this pure, I could see and distinctively taste the tomato fibres. Apt in taste as well as for health 🙂
That’s the very much Indian “dahi wada” served so aesthetically in a glass!
Everything healthy, yet so delightfully tasty! Readers, don’t get demoralised by seeing the raw veggies; these are artfully blended with perfect taste.
Glass noodles on the right, needs to get my special attention! Such a winning dish…I recommend to get a vegetarian version as well, of the same.


Just loved the concept of how the very simple dahi wada, was served with so much beauty !






Main course! Corn-Spinach au gratin – my favourite. Delightful, it was. Paired that with a healthier option of unpolished rice.

I could have only 50% of the spread; had to leave a major portion of the main course. Main-course also comprised of three to four types of biryanis, four to five non-veg curries including chicken, mutton, fish and beef. Assorted breads like roti or naan, served on table; and mock more.

Pasta live counter


The dessert section was heavenly affair; finest collection of drooling delicacies, for a wholesome indulgence.desserts2



Blueberry Cheesecake in dessert section! Well to add on with that, I gracefully cut the first piece, from this well. Added, another B’day cake 😉


My dessert plate! Macaroon , Chocolate pudding and blueberry cheesecake needs special mention 🙂


Whether you want to look for an expansive lunch with your family or your set-of-girl friends or your team at the office, this is something you can not only keep on your list, rather a must try. The ambience is extremely chic and classy; can be opted for a lovely time over the lunch with your special one.img_9188

The Amara staff were extremely kind and courteous to surprise us with an exotic mocktail and a birthday cake (they secretly got to know it was my birthday 😉 ) .  The mocktail was glamorous and lifted up the whole dining experience. The birthday cake was a blueberry cheesecake, which was artfully baked for a sinful indulgence.img_9179


I have a small recommendation, specially for the dessert section; to include some more eggless desserts, precisely the confectionaries. Why the vegetarians should be kept away from such a lavish indulgence; especially when the food and beverages industry is growing and expanding exponentially 🙂 I can confidently say, each and every item on the spread, must have been chosen with finest details in mind by the extremely trained chef. This was a power pack, luxurious and exceptionally chic, culinary affair 😉

My rating for the eternal Amara:

Food: 4.8

Service: 5

Ambience: 5

Value for Money: 5

I would not refrain myself from mentioning, I couldn’t have all that was on the spread. Yet, I did prove to be a gourmand and asserted to myself, “I will be dining at “amara” soon again, to have it all”. As the foodie in me was more than satisfied, but the budding food connoisseur in me wants to taste it all.

(For, if any available discounts, please contact the restaurant service desk.)

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