Ofen! Charm of European cafe in Hyderabad

Europe has always been on my top list to visit. Love the quaint streets, sophisticated yet simple, fashionable people, the lakes to walk by, and the experience of small cafes on the streets.

The concept of quaint and laid back cafes has started delighting me, after I visited this European bakery in Hyderabad. Courtesy, my love for European culture, must have connected me to this place.wp_20160507_18_41_49_pro

And then onwards, I visited here a number of times. Infact everytime, I am around Road No 10 of Banjara Hills, this is the place I trust on, whether for food or simply a cup of coffee.

‘Ofen’ means oven in Swiss-German. ‘Ofen’ the European bakery, patisserie and an all day cafe. Ofen is continuously adding new products to its already extensive menu. Ofen does not compromise on the quality of its products. With an eco-friendly kitchen, of which the Mobile Swiss Army Catering Wagon is an integral part, using coal for fuel, is a first for any bakery in India and Asia..

As you enter this place, you are transformed to this charm of wooden interiors and the aroma of freshly baked cakes, quiche, cupcakes and some food item getting roasted.

What Ofen claims is –

“ the delectable European bakery in Hyderabad which is the first of its kind, with a very wide range of breads, pastries and savouries. Continuously innovating and expanding on its already exciting continental menu. Ofen has stood out in Hyderabad for a decade.
The Ofen is an experience that lingers with you long after you have tasted your favourite treat. As you walk in, you are greeted by an eco-friendly wagon where Ofen’s chefs bake using the finest quality ingredients.”

I agree with almost 90% of the above claim. What I don’t agree, is the continuous innovation and expand of its continental menu. And only because, I have already visited this place so many times, and the menu remains the same.

Well, I am personally good with that; because, everything I had at this place, has tasted really nice. And would love to explore more from there menu.

My visit, few months ago !


Well to list on, what all I had here, on my multiple visits are:

Spanish Omelette – It was fluffy, soft, and with some veggies and cheese. Nice to have, good in taste. But, not exactly the way I have known a SpanisOmelettete to be. The content of cheese, veggies should have been more and somewhat more fluffy. But this was back 1 year. I hope, now it can be awesome.

Pancake – Drooling! It was served with Maple Syrup, Chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The pancake was very soft and very well baked. Easily, the best pancake I ever had. A must have at Ofen.

Cream of Broccoli soup – Counted in one of my favourite soups I had in Hyderabad. Posted about it here as well.

Falafel in Pita pockets – An amazingly filling of falafel in the pita bread (pocket style) . Was served with potato fries, salad, and hummus. Easily, one of the best hummus.wp_20160507_18_51_14_pro

Nachos – Can be surpassed

Spaghetti pasta with the combination of Cheese Alfredo and Pomodoro sauce – One of the best pasta I had , in Hyderabad. The blend of the sauces came out perfect. Added to the pasta, were some exotic veggies like zucchini and broccoli.

Cream of Broccoli soup and Spaghetti Pasta


Veg lasagna – Amazing ! The cooked veggies were absolutely drooling in flavour and texture. Added to that, it was generously cheesy, which made it more delicious.

And added to these, the mushroom quiche, South Indian Coffee, Caffe latte, and Blueberry cheesecake are the other items, I had a number times and loved them

Well, the service can be disappointing and  cold at times; but the food and the vibes, can cover up. Prices are very reasonable.

You can be there for a quick breakfast or a leisurely brunch. You can be there with friends or even alone with a book or some work to get done.

My rating goes like:

Food: 4.5

Service: 3.2

Ambience: 4

Value For Money: 4

Disclaimer: Since this post covers up my multiple visits to this place, in last 2. 5 years, I couldn’t keep a track with all the pics.


Last Year December 2015 Christmas time !


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