Guilt Trip… Indulge in the sinful pleasures :)

I like my special celebrations in an elaborate way… Elaborate as in a day’s celebration extended to 10 days 🙂  Well, yes, I go pretty shameless to enjoy the specials of my life, in my own grand way.

Also, I love my celebrations to be such a way that, everything gets a part of it. My family, my friends, my love for food, style, explore; pretty much everything.

This year my birthday have been extra special. Not only that it got that special number attached to it, but also because, so many other things of my life, has become a part of it.

One such beauty is, what I am here for; the world blogosphere 🙂img_8989

I have started blogging regularly about my adventures with the life, worth sharing with all. The experiences that let me live my passions and bring the good times. And, to give it all a structured presentation; a purpose.

Somewhere I read recently, “My passion needed the purpose that is rippling into areas bigger than me. I do have my moments of distractions, but my purpose gets me back on track to focus on what is important”. So, much I can relate to this.

With such a purpose in my mind and celebration in my heart, I decided to go on a guilt trip with a dear one.

When the food industry is all turning the tables towards the healthy cooking and eating, no one can actually deprive themselves of the guilty pleasures of life, for long.And as it is said, life is about balance; indulge and workout 🙂 With all such juggles of my daily life to stay fit and healthy, I headed to “Guilt Trip”, for  kick-starting the my Birthday celebration with a bang. Ahh… that’s a place for you to indulge in all the guilty and the sinful savouries.

This place is located in the not-so-busy bylane of Madhapur, known as Kavuri Hills.img_9042

As I entered the café; well this is really more of a café kind of place. The décor of the place gives the vibes of happiness, vibrancy and the sweetness. The place is subtle and pretty with a touch of quirkiness. I would love to know the interior designer of the place. Very interesting and well-balanced hues for kids as well as the youngsters.img_8985


I checked with the waiter, for the most known dessert of the place. He mentioned about the red velvet cheesecake. Knowing that couple of days ago I had their red velvet cheesecake at The HUFF (a recent food festival in Hyderabad) , I opted to go for its sibling 😉  ; the blueberry cheesecake.

Oh by the way; the red velvet cheesecake, I had the other day, was incredible. It cost Rs.120 and came in a huge glass jar. Absolutely, melts in the mouth.dessertsWe made ourselves comfortable, at one cozy corner. And, the ordering of the food for the evening, actually went a considerable opposite to the regular course for a complete meal.

We first ordered dessert, “Blueberry Cheesecake” , followed by Veg Penne Pasta in Pomodoro sauce. Added another from the menu, Fresh fruit and cream pancakes.

Blueberry Cheesecake was absolutely scrumptious. Blueberry, true and luscious to its flavour; cheesecake was delightfully soft and smooth. And this was set on a salty, crunchy base. Note to be mentioned, it was eggless. Size os the cake is like enough for one.img_9017

Penne pasta with Pomodoro was okay and can be surpassed. img_9026


Pancakes came three in a plate; each one topped with the fresh fruits in whipped cream; served along with the maple syrup.  The pancakes were not among the fluffier ones, rather the flat ones and were definitely soft and smooth in texture. They added cut green and red apples and banana slices to the whipped cream. The fruit and cream topping was much more than enough , for me. Said that, must be drooling and salivating for others. Layering the pancakes with the fruit and cream and having it with added maple syrup, was a total indulgence.img_9034


Though all these were enough filling for us; we wanted to have more and ordered the veggie fries. Veggies fries come as an assorted platter or french fries, Potato nuggets and corn and cheese nuggets. French fries were okay. Corn and cheese nuggets were not coated from outside, and henceforth, turned out to burnt and bitter in taste. I suggest to get that either in nugget forms or replace it with some other fries. Potato nuggets were best on the platter, and only a little addition of some Italian herbs or jalapeno would have made it to the perfect.img_9036


Overall, the visit to Guilt trip didn’t let us feel guilty (read, on a positive note) 🙂 and gave a nice kick-start to my celebration. img_9011

My rating goes like:

Food: 3.8 (This is for overall food experience; if I consider only desserts, it can be easily 4.5)

Service: 3.5

Ambience: 4.2

Value For Money: 3.5 (This is for overall as a restaurant; if I consider only desserts, it can be easily 4.5)

(P.S. They have a good variety of eggless desserts. And, on a day’s notice, they can bake eggless cakes on order.)

Guilt Trip Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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