Habanero: The Scotch Bonnet in Hyderabad

When you start blogging about food and reviewing the restaurants, you kind of become a food chronicler. Sometimes unintentionally and mostly compulsively 🙂 . And holds, good to me. But, then I put a little effort intentionally, that when I visit a restaurant with my family or friends, I will not be a compulsive one. 🙂

Two such visits took me to the same place;and fortunately, on two different days in a week, with distinctive vibes of the place.

The first day I visited, was a Friday evening. There was a live music going on. Pretty much crowded. The TV was forecasting the live Cricket match. A very free spirited place with a bohemian feeling. I enjoyed it. Great for a Friday evening, when you want to start off the weekend with a bang.wp_20160902_21_36_45_pro

The other day I visited was a Sunday evening. And the vibes was almost opposite. The country pop music was on. The people along with their family/friends were dining and having a talk with each other. It seemed to be a perfect place for dining peacefully. Everyone was chit-chatting among themselves, yet so calm and comfortable to be along with the people you went with.habanero

That’s Habanero!

As you enter the restaurant, you are transformed into a different world altogether. Impeccable interiors and a rustic charm.

Coming to the food…

The first visit was for a vegetarian’s soul, approximately 3 months ago. We ordered a Combo Platter – Veg for starters. It had quesadillas, zucchini fritters , onion rings, stuffed potato skins and nachos. Quesadillas tasted good, with veggies and cheesy filling. Next favourite from the platter were Stuffed potato skins. Incredible concept and did I mention that how healthy it is eating the potato skins. Zucchini fritters were delightful. Onion rings, nice to have.wp_20160902_21_44_24_pro

The next was Summer Veggie pizza. A thin crust 10″ pizza with veggies and cheese. Pizza was just good to have. Next time I visit, i will try the veg burgers or something else. (No pic 😦 )

The Sunday visit was absolutely for the non- vegetarian’s soul. We ordered Combo Platter Chicken. It had Breaded Chicken tenders, Stuffed potato skins, Mini chimichanga, Onion Rings, Chicken Wings. Chicken tenders were juicy and well cooked. Chicken wings were crispy and boneless.Mini Chimichanga are deep fried burrito with chicken filling. For this, the chicken was not that soft. Onion Rings and Stuffed Potato skins, nice to have. Served along with Queso dip which is drooling.wp_20161127_21_01_07_pro

Winner: Garlic Butter prawns – Served with Mexican flavoured rice, sauteed veggies and corn on the cob. Prawns were medium sized, soft and buttery. Served 6-8 pieces. Rice was good to have. Sauteed veggies had broccoli, zucchini and potato. Corn on the cob was well cooked and soft.15253604_10157825638630026_5622163461920659151_n

Peri Peri Grill Chicken: Two considerable large chicken supreme pieces, served along with mashed potatoes, sauteed veggies and Corn on the cob. The chicken was properly flavoured but it was grilled to an extent, that it wasn’t that soft and succulent. Grilling it in a way, to hold on with the softness, would have made it much better for the chicken lovers.wp_20161127_22_00_31_pro

Peri peri Grilled Mahi Fish: Same serving as the peri peri chicken. This time it’s with a fish. For this dish, the fish was fresh and soft. The Bong in me, loves the fish when cooked well. Said that, it can be cooked in any way. Loved the texture of the fish. The only thing, the outer layer of the grilling, gave it a slightly burnt texture. Not that, one can’t have it;but grilling is an art, needs to be maintained very carefully. (No pic 😦 )

All the above main course portions are for a single person with a reasonable appetite.

We also ordered some mocktails: Softie Mojito and Softie Colada for my friends and Virgin Rita (Signature Margarita without Alcohol) for myself. My friends were happy with their mocktails, and I was happier with my Virgin Rita 😉virginmargarita

I have a concern for my second-time visit; it was almost 11pm and we were about to finish off the dining there, the waiter came and asked for whether we want desserts. We told that, we don’t need anything else. But, before we asked, they brought the bill/check to us. To the notice, were not even done with what was already served. I agree if it was nearing the closing time. But even if it is so, you inform the customer about your closing time and eventually bring the bill.

Apart from this, a nice dining place in the corporate/cosmopolitan area of the city.

Here, my rating goes like:

Food – 4

Service – 3.8

Ambience – 4.5

Value For Money – 3.8

Scotch bonnet ! – the hottest one in the Mexican culinary story 😉

And, Habanero is the Scotch Bonnet of Hyderabad’s Mexican story 🙂wp_ss_20161205_0002

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