‘tempteys’: Serves the temptation in a healthier way

Wednesday – a mid-week crisis for a regular IT engineer or any corporate. And all you want to do is to feel relaxed, yet motivated to get along with the rest of the week.

Some extra motivation needed for them who are fitness enthusiasts; as generally the rest/cheat day happens to be on a Saturday/Sunday. And, by the time it reaches to a Wednesday, it feels like to reward yourself consciously for being into the fit class.

On one such Wednesday, I was invited to a tasting event, located  in the most cosmopolitan area of the city.

That’s a dessert place; precisely, a “gelato/yoghurt shakes” point. Before one raises the eyebrows with a thought, why a fitness freak should go for a gelato; this place has the option to choose the healthier version of it as well, yoghurt base. Bang On! 😉

Well, a dessert place in the corporate area will help throughout all the weekdays, to motivate through the mundane tasks; and, on the weekends as well, to indulge and celebrate. 🙂 It is located in the lane of DLF, in Gachibowli.img_8918

‘Tempteys’ as it sounds, “tempting” it is.

As part of the tasting event, we got to try 8-10 shakes , all of different varieties and composition.

So it goes like, you first decide with the base; you want to indulge yourself, go for a Gelato base (neutral ice cream); you want a healthier option, go for Avalanche base(yoghurt based ice cream). Then moving ahead you can select from an elaborate range of Classic shakes, Premium shakes, Exclusive Shakes, also Healthy and Protein shakes.img_8905

From the classic ones, my favourites were Raspberry Day, Kiwi Sea, Banana Boo, with fruit flavours. Kiwi Sea is a more refreshing one, while Banana boo the more energising and smooth. Raspberry day wins the berry lovers heart. The cut fruits added for Kiwi Sea and Banana Boo were very fresh.

Raspberry Day !
Kiwi Sea !
Banana Boo !

From the Premium ones, I loved Choco Biscotti. Not great fond of chocolate flavours, in general; this one does justice to my taste buds. Loved the texture of the blend and the Biscotti added.

Choco Biscotti !

Berry feast with the yoghurt base was nice to have.

Berry Feast !

Green Tea Mania, is of the healthier options. Without strong green tea flavours, it’s good to taste buds. They are planning to get the health sensation of the time, “matcha powder”. I would love to try it one again with the Matcha.

Green Tea Mania ! – topped with honey

Coffee brownie can totally win any coffee lover’s heart. Perfect to its blend and flavour and extremely distinctive.

Coffee Brownie !
Some of the other shakes we tried; clockwise from left – Choco Brownie , Blue Fall (Blue strawberry ), Protein Booster


Raising Rum !


Next time, I visit there, would love to try Green Apple, Grape Babe, Carrot and Cucumber !

The ambience is cool, yet cozy. Colour themed with White and Purple, defining Purity and Royal. Said that, they give measured portions of the ingredients to prepare the shakes, so that it doesn’t go more on calories. The quantity they serve, is more than enough for a person, to satisfy the indulgence.

Want to miss the lunch? – A shake here will absolutely work. Evening hunger pangs or a dessert craving post dinner? – An ideal place to reach out. (Opens at 11.30am. And, it is open till 1.30am, at night)

** Gelato and Yoghurt, both are manufactured, by maintaining the latest ISO standards.

My ratings for this place, goes like:

Food: 4.2

Service: 4.8

Ambience: 4.2

Value For Money: 4.8

Note: I thought, trying so many shakes, will make me uncomfortably full; to my surprise, I wasn’t; that says, easy on the digestion. No sugar rush.

** Who needs any more reason, for a happier and healthier way to love and spoil yourself and your loved ones 🙂  **

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