Write it right – Chef’s Table

Binge watching is in fashion. And as they said, “style is eternal, fashion fades.” Holds for everything. Not only clothes, the term ‘fashion’ applies for anything, that says, “getting popular during a certain span of time/latest in trend.”

What is it to talk about ‘binge watching’, for this post? Well, not exactly that..moving on to TV shows. Some of the TV shows these days are so tempting, rather progressive that people end up to binge-watching.

Personally, I have surpassed that and got into the eternal sense of styling. I have ‘almost’ found my style in everything. Why I emphasised ‘almost’, is because the word is going to stay forever with me. For me learning and exploring is eternal, and I never know, what adds up to my style; and, I am adaptive to the Goodtimes. 🙂

Enjoying the gastronomical journey is one such example. As Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you.”, is apt in this case. I was on my own aisle to seek different restaurants, various cuisines and the world of food blogging was in turn, seeking me. 😉

At one such moment, of this trail, I was suggested by one of my very good friends, to watch, Chef’s Table – A documentary series on Netflix. That was a late Saturday night, and I was free enough to watch it, that time. I didn’t have any idea, what the show will hold for me, in details. But, the one thing that was told by my friend was, “watch it, as it shows something, the way you want to write your gastronomical stories.”

The first show was a documentary of Massimo Bottura, “the chef behind the world’s best restaurant”. His restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy was named the best eatery on the planet at the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards, an annual tradition that has become beloved—if lightly regarded—in the culinary world, for the year 2016.

After an hour of watching this, I was taken me to the another aspect of gastronomy. I am yet novice in the world of food blogging/writting and this documentary definitely gave me certain insights on food blogging.

While watchinh Chef’s table – 1st episode



Planning to read this book asap.


Here what I have learned from watching the first episode of Chef’s Table:

  1. Cooking and serving on the table is just not about the right ingredients, rather it can have artworks, creativity. Said that, whether for a food tasting event or even as a regular customer, one should definitely try to know such aspects. As in this show, a dish is shown which is of one ingredient “parmigiano reggiano”. What makes it extremely special is, the chef brings the five different ages of parmigiano reggiano in one dish and put it together so aesthetically, its an artwork.

    1 ingredient dish made with 5 different ages of Parmigiano Reggiano.
  2. A restaurant can have a bad day. Yes, restaurant owners, the chefs and the waiters are people too. Some days can be the off days. And, a second chance is what they deserve.
  3. A restaurant should not be written off on the grounds of not maintaining a certain category. A restaurant can claim for a certain cuisine;but, it can bring its innovation, with a twist to the acclaimed cuisine. That innovation can be amazing, as well. If in doubt, find out, get the queries clear, what is the idea behind, for bringing this.
  4. As a writer, one has to learn and research a lot to mention anything about the authenticity. Being a foodie, or even a food blogger does not necessarily mean, they know about, “how much authentic, a particular cuisine is?”, at the first go. Try to learn and know about the authenticity. Read and interact, with the people, who holds the respective culinary origin.
  5. There’s a lot in the story. – This one varies from person to person. Which aspect of food, or rather how much details matter? For me, it’s like; if a restaurant is bringing up a food festival or there is a new restaurant in the town opened by an experienced chef; get the details. Find the story! That helps to connect a lot. In fact it brings out the beauty of thoughts in gastronomy, “Details in a chef’s mind, is on the table.”
  6. Keep some brownie points reserved for the styling and the presentation of food. Not all have such creativity. Yes, even this needs effort. How a particular dish was served on the palette; or how the items were organised for a buffet; all these bring the aesthetic. And the restaurant/the chef who puts some extra efforts on the aesthetic aspect along with the taste, definitely deserves to be recognised. In this show, a co-chef of Massimo was disappointed and clueless as the first dropped the lemon tart; it was Massimo, who saw the beauty and discoved a dish “Oops! I dropped the lemon tart.”

    Oops! I dropped the lemon tart.
  7. One can go for a cuisine on the basis of the nation, but the gastronomy within the nation can have a lot more varieties. This is specially when a blogger/writer is travelling to other country. So, if I am travelling to France; the specialities of the coastal France will be different from the central France; know the subsets of the national cuisine. If someone is travelling to India unknown about the different culinary traits of different states; they can miss on a huge part. We all know, Pizza is part of an Italian cusine; knowing that Pizza Napoletana from Naples is different from Pizza al Taglio from Rome, helps to explore and write about it in a descriptive way.
  8. Don’t let the personal preferences and the taste buds refrain you from tasting everything. How a karela/bittergourd is cooked by a Bengali as part of of bengali cuisine, is completely different for how it is cooked as part of Rajasthani cuisine. And, since I, being a bengali who stayed in almost all four corners of the country, have got to know the difference and even love such culinary diversity. Karela as part of Shukto in Bengali cuisine hold the same importance of tasting as to Bharwaan Karela , as part of Rajasthani cuisine.chefstable

Blogging helps a lot to connect with other people and food is something, that binds all; food has a place in everyone’s life. All these connections bring a lot of diversity; and in turn, lots and lots of thoughts. I am learning from each one of them. And, adding to that; with all the above insights, i will keep on posting about my culinary journey.

Disclaimer: All the pics have been taken from across the web.

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