The confection of Grandeur: Taj Krishna!

A lively Sunday, a happy weekend; that was just about to be over. We were eying the  exquisite  portico of one of those properties which are known to be quintessentially affluent. The brand name of hospitality and luxury, known worldwide. It has the historical heritage of providing the most extravagant experience to its guests.

We were at the Taj, at one of the properties of Taj group in Hyderabad. Taj Krishna, located at Banjara Hills, is in the heart of the historical city of Hyderabad.
As the city of Hyderabad is known for its rich splendour of Nizami culture, so does the justice is done here.

And I have been extremely fortunate to get to feel that opulence, on a fine Sunday evening, with an impromptu plan.
We were done with attending the “Hyderabad Market by Karen Anand” event, held at the Gardenia at Taj Krishna. And that was my first time in the Taj premises ever. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to go inside and have the time of self-indulgence in the rich splendour of Taj. So, at the golden hour, we headed off to the reception of the hotel.

(P.S. I got so indulgent in the lap of luxury of Nizami architecture, I really forgot to capture the pics, on my own.)

PhotoCredits: Taken from the Gallery of Taj Krishna Website

This five-star hotel is established in an architectural resplendence of landscape and immaculately manicured lawns. And, as I entered into this magnificence epitome of luxury; I was absolutely captivated with the Nizami décor.

Photo Credits: Taken from the Gallery of Taj Krishna Website

The entrance opens up to an elaborately decorated lobby area. And the lobby area opens to the alley. The alley looks like nothing lesser than the golden archway to the treasure land.

Photo Credits: Myself

img-20161120-wa0028This straight heads up to the “Tea Lounge At The Arcade“, nestled in the middle of the luxury shopping arcade.

Photo Credits: Taken from the web

Though I didn’t have the appetite to eat or drink anything else, courtesy the food festival at the Gardenia; yet, we had to sit there. I wanted to indulge myself in the heritage luxury.
We decided to sit there and have something at the Tea Lounge. And, other than desserts, what else could be the better option to end off that eventful day.
As we made ourselves comfortable, the service in charge there, was prompt enough to help us with the selection of desserts.
We opted for a couple of desserts; an eggless dessert, “The Pineapple pastry” and the other one with egg, that’s “The Seasonal Fruits tart”.

The Pineapple Pastry was huge. Two people can easily share it. Extremely fresh and rich in softness. The flavour of pineapple was perfect and the sweetness, not too much; just the way I love it.

Pineapple Pastry (Photo Credits: Myself)

The Seasonal Fruits Tart was really large. The outer shell(basically the tart) was really soft to be melted and filled up with the cake covered with a layer of lemon creamy texture. It was topped with the slices of fresh fruits like figs, kiwi and red Australian grapes. It has easily won a place for the best tart I had till date.

They also have the arrangements of various kind of Hi-Tea. Other than that, an extensive variety of coffee as well as Tea . I am already sure, that I will be soon there for the Hi-Tea. So anyone can have the perfect hour of tea-time either with a beloved one, or the family or even when you want to pamper yourself with some love, luxury and the Goodtimes of life.

img_8843Taj is an experience beyond words. No words can actually do the justice for an experience that is beyond brilliance and is of magnificence prosperity. Before I left, I promised, “I will be soon here to have my time; the time of my life…for the moments that create everlasting memories” 🙂img-20161120-wa0040

(Disclaimer: This post is not for any commercial promotion.)

Tea Lounge At The Arcade - Taj Krishna Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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