Tea at Concu – a TEAtotaller’s affair!

Concu , has been the name around the city in Hyderabad since last 2 years, for its desserts and confectioneries. And, a few months back, even I followed the name, and reached there, on a rainy breezy day.concu

We were pretty much decided, that we will satisfy our sweet tooth. But as we reached there, and saw the menu, the TEAtotaller in me, wanted to feel re-energized and warm, on a rather chilled evening. It was that perfect tea-time weather. Also, the place has a very exquisite old English charm.  And , what attracted me towards the tea part of Concu; that, I actually dropped the idea of even having a dessert, is the mention of “Luxurious Teas”, on the menu. And as it’s said, “In England, everything stops for a Tea.” 😉img_5262

So, if I have to speak about the beverages and a hot one; tea is my favourite. And definitely, I won’t be surprised, if some day sooner; I post about my tea-tasting experience.

Coming to Concu 😉 , after having a detailed look, I called the lady, and asked her, which tea should I go for? Said that, I mentioned proactively, “It should be refreshing” 🙂

She promptly suggested for the Bulgarian Rose Buds. And, that sounded really awesome. I mean, the four words that name it ; Bulgaria + Rose + Buds and the Tea brewed out of it. The words are the reflection of “exotic, romantic, cute and refreshing.” Bulgaria is a country of roses and home of the most valuable of them all – the Bulgarian Damascena Rose.

We happily agreed for that. Say, in some 10 mins, we got our luxury beverage. And trust me, the way it was brought to us, it was like an art; I could have kept on seeing that, that way itself.  Tea is not just a few leaves in hot water; rather it’s the art of brewing it. As the place name is Concu, the French translation for “designed”; so seemed this teapot. Beautiful 🙂 Well, the below pic shows the teapot as a large one, but it’s really small. So, for tea-lovers like me, it serves only one.img_5228

We could eye the rose buds getting infused in the hot water, turning it to light golden. Also, the perfect cup of tea, wins it brownie points, only after when the person takes the first sip. And as we had our first sip, we were refreshed. Well, I would love to mention, it is essentially a woman’s tea. The taste is subtle and floral, with a delicate fragrance 🙂img_5232

So here, I rate my tea-time at Concu:

Food: 4

Service: 4.5

Ambience: 4.5

Value For Money: 4


Quintessentially, “it’s always a tea-time for me.” 🙂


Conçu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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