Casa Cibo Italiano… Cibo House!

It’s a mid-week day. Two friends at office talking about, “No lunch from home”.

One of them says, “Let’s see at the cafeteria, will get something”. The other says, “Let’s go out, long time we haven’t been out on a lunch, on a working day.”

Next question in mind, “Where to go?” – Answer comes, “Any good place for Italian food”.

And, then with a quick check and confirming from a fellow expert…wait, ‘super-expert’ foodie; we headed on to a food-house.

And there you say, “where do we have a food-house in Hyderabad?”

Oh, let me correct; that’s cibo …. Cibo -> Food; Food -> Cibo

So, food in Italian is known as “Cibo” and me being politically correct…ahhh

Me being linguistically correct, we went to “Cibo House”.wp_20161117_13_17_09_pro

Cibo House in Hitech City, Hyderabad is already a well-known place for the Italian food lovers.

For me, even though I am an ardent Italian food lover; this was my first visit to this place of Italian buffet.

Here, they don’t have a-la-carte. It’s only for lunch and dinner buffet. That’s wisdom, if you can bang-on with your one kind of service; one doesn’t really need both of it.

So, we already reserved a table for us and as we reached there the person in-charge, was prompt enough to make us comfortable with the place. And, while settling down, I started feeling the place. It’s a cozy place with wooden interiors; chilled down yet sophisticated. The music on was Indie pop rock folk, which gives the place a very European cafe vibes; and the volume modulation was perfect.

So, why on earth I am talking about the volume modulation of music for a restaurant? Because, that matters 🙂 , that matters when you go to a place for dining, also matters when you go to a place with friends/family and want to have a perfect time of food, friends/family and exchange of words 🙂img-20161117-wa0018

Moving on to food: They have options for veg/non-veg buffet. We opted for veg buffet.

We were asked to opt for the mocktails, out of “Virgin Mojito and Lemon Iced tea”. Virgin Mojito for us. Nice to have, with an elaborate buffet.wp_20161117_13_08_55_proAnd the “gastronomia” , starts with the Roasted Pumpkin soup. Pumpkin, really? I was like, please who will have pumpkin in a restaurant and my alter ego says, “have a try!”  And as I had the first sip of it, me to my soul, “Wow! That’s amazing…such a cool way to cook ‘pumpkin’ :)”. This was accompanied by the slices of French Baguette and Tomato salsa, green harissa and a cheesy dip.wp_20161117_13_08_35_prowp_20161117_13_10_20_proThe soup was enough appetizing to move on to the starters. And the first one comes is the stuffed mushroom.  The moment I had it, I wanted to write about it. This one was the winning item from the buffet. Oh, that doesn’t mean at all, that the other items were not good. But, this one is the winning. Crispy outside, with the melted cheesy filling inside. The cheesy filling also had finely chopped veggies in it, that makes everything melted in the mouth. Trust me, as I am writing it now, I wanna have it again.stuffedmushroomNext, comes Potato Jalapeno Pattie; nice to have. The jalapeno adds the perfect tingly taste to the not-so-bland potato. The texture is more of like an Indian kebab; slightly crispy golden brown outside. Grilled Cottage Cheese with BBQ sauce; nice to have it again. Not that different but a good combination with the other dry kind of starters. Cottage Cheese was soft.

In the middle we have, ‘Potato Jalapeno pattie’; on the top left, ‘CottageCheese in BBQ sauce’; down right, ‘Stuffed Mushroom’. Along with French Baguette slice and various dips.

Aioli Babycorn; Better than above two but nothing beats my winning starter 😉 . For those, who want to know what is Aioli, it is a Mediterranean sauce from the south France, made of garlic and olive oil, predominantly. This starter is like soft baby corn cooked and sautéed in Aioli added with Italian herbs.

Aioli Babycorn -> centre of the plate

Salads on the counter: Cucumber Salad, Corn Salad, Chicken Slaw, Egg salad. Didn’t have the salads 😦 Hopefully amazing, considering the overall buffet.wp_20161117_13_01_04_proThen comes, ‘main course on the table’; thin crust pizza, pasta, lasagna. We were 2 people together. We were served 2 mini slices of thin crust pizza. Then we were served with one small portion of pasta. And then lasagna. Pizza tasted good, pasta okay.pizzapastalasagneMain course from the counter; Herb Butter Rice, Vegetable Au Gratin, Potato en Carozza and Ratatouille in ‘Veg’. Grilled Fish in pepper sauce and Chicken in Sicilian sauce, added for ‘Non-Veg’.wp_20161117_13_00_53_prowp_20161117_14_02_48_pro

Herb Butter Rice: Fine rice, well cooked along with finely chopped herb veggies.wp_20161117_13_00_00_proVegetable Au Gratin is a medley of vegetables baked to perfection in cheese and white sauce, total indulgence precisely. The taste was good and it’s the flowy dish. A slightly more of Italian herbs and grounded black pepper, would have made it to ‘the perfect.wp_20161117_13_00_16_proPotato en Carozza: ‘en Carozza’ means ‘in a carriage’. This was my favourite from the main course. Perfectly soft cooked potato topped with the cheese with the red sauce gravy. Tasted amazing.wp_20161117_13_00_08_proRatatouille: It’s the stewed vegetable dish cooked in red sauce, from the French Provence. Again, it tasted really good. Well, ratatouille is more veggies in less gravy. What I got here is that, the gravy was more. Said that, considering the Indian customers, a more-on gravy dish might actually work well. So, bang on!wp_20161117_13_00_26_pro

“What grace is to a human soul, a great dessert is to a foodie’s soul” – Paromita Biswas 😉wp_20161117_14_22_10_proWith six desserts for a buffet; all six, absolutely soulful. Caramel custard, Cheesecake, Tress Leeche, Chocolate Ganache Cake, Rice Pudding, Coconut Mousse. No more words can actually justify the goodness of these desserts. Personally, I was extremely sceptical about Caramel Custard and the Coconut Mousse; but, I can happily say, “I was wrong being sceptical”. True to them being them the dessert.  Also available, cut fruits.img-20161117-wa0029

Veg Buffet priced at: Rs.640 (All Inclusive)  Non-Veg Buffet priced at: Rs.740 (All Inclusive)

I appreciate, when the price mentioned comes up with “the taxes included”.

So, how was the experience? 🙂 A gastronomic soul of the food-lover is so content and happy.

How was the service? – “Sigh”!  … While serving the starters, the  waiters came and asked once, “if we want more” and we happily said, “Yes!”. Yes, the starters were really great and we went with a good appetite. After that, every time we had to call them and ask for the starters. When the ‘main-course on table’ was served, we were extremely bewildered with the two mini slices of pizza for two people; a single small portion of pasta for two people; lasagne was served, only after we waited for some time and the service-in-charge came up with a sceptical question, “Mam, do you want lasagne as well?”. Buffets are meant to be unlimited, unless it is not mentioned about the portions, exclusively. I personally felt a bit disheartened. When I came back, I immediately cross-checked the restaurant’s review. Each review says, “it’s amazing”. I was surprised, is that only me who felt like this. Might be, it’s one of those days like, “a restaurant can have a bad day, it can be any reason, ‘short-staffed’ or anything; to err is humane, after all.”

The above piece of para, speaks of a food-lover human customer’s heart; not a food connoisseur 🙂

Food: 4.8

Ambience: 4.5

Service: 3 (my experience, will look forward it to getting into 4.5)

Value For Money: 4

Said all that, this place is amazing for an Italian Buffet with a warm ambience and an almost perfect value-for-money, with my strong hopes of a great service, on any regular day 🙂


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  1. Thanks for the tip Paromita! I remember times when I struggled to find an Italian restaurant in Hyderabad, it has been a few years since then. However I’ll be visiting Hyd next month and this place looks good. Do you think the food here is authentic?


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