Colours…speaking the Beauty of Soul


Which colour am I looking for?

Pretty much everytime, this question arises in my mind, either for designing or decorating or even shopping for clothes.

Do I want bright colours or composed colours? If bright colours, then what should be the motifs?

Being an Indian by origin, I do love Indian colours and accents. But I am in the era of globalisation, I have a fondness for western colours and the patterns, as well.

But you cannot have everything! Ideally, everything doesn’t make it look good.

So then comes the word, the word that is creating a revolution recently; almost in every aspect of the life people are using it. That is “Balance” 😉

The magic of balance is everywhere. Whether it is balancing work-life and personal life; balancing corporate work and creative work; balancing the ingredients in a food; balancing the pub visit and the self-serene time; balancing binge eating and health-conscious eating; balancing the hippy culture and conventional culture.

Well, the same follows here, balancing the colours, balancing the motifs, balancing modern along with the traditional and reclaimed.

So, how to find the pretty decent balance, amongst the colours? Colours for the interiors…oh, yes this post is about interiors. As fashion/clothing is a whole different entity. Balanced interiors, balance energy.f201c3047d2bd9de92064b8bcd3213fd

living room decorating ideas burgundy sofaOkay, getting back to the question, how to find the pretty decent balance? – Blend!

Blend the bright with the subtle, bold with the modest, traditional with western; for me it also works like; “Old English with the touch of Indian”!

And, I find this beautiful balance in the colour palette, often known as Autumn colour palette, these days.5f4029f599eef07da475106f171b9184



When these colours blend, they create a magic, a therapy. I have taken some of my favourite colours and searched for the most alluring pics of the interiors/decor, from across the web, to bring it to you all.

  1. White/Beigesherillcanet
  2. Washed Rose Pink/Salmonpantone2016-mainbanner1
  3. Taupe/Grey78edef1b99d641fe0f13af9543f929d5
  4. Mustard/Marigoldb8da01180bed6a5e1a0ab1da08451614
  5. Burgundy/Wine Redf36e6212b0c46464e58b3aae61688dc4
  6. Navy/Indigo398fe44f318ff1efc8d42b57fb14dd87
  7. Autumn Orangeautumn-sofa


8.Olivebest-design-brown-complementary-colorsAs we see, all the above colours blend with each other beautifully.

And, I would love to let you all be in this visual appealing beauty, as I end it up here. Have a balance colourful life…yet remember, 🙂

To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

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