Goodtimes…to being a foodie… towards a connoisseur!

I have been always passionate about elaborating various cultures across globe, which includes their lifestyle, food, traditions, beauty of the place and various other aspects. Back then, I didn’t know even, who a foodie is or even whether there is any such real word in a dictionary. 🙂 
Though I use to go to the restaurants, eat outside; but, all that was limited to, ‘did I like the food?’ – (yes/no/somewhat) . Never, ‘why yes/why not?’. Never, I had put an effort to explore new cuisine.
It was just few lifestyle shows on television that happened to be my inspiration. And, as they say, everything is connected. To follow on that inspiration, I had to go through a journey; a journey as tasty, and as beautiful, and as soulful.
There came a change to my work life and I get relocated to Hyderabad. Now it’s been almost 2 and a half years in Hyderabad. In the initial days, I asked couple of my friends, what’s there in Hyderabad to explore? Both of them said, “Restaurants”, *a pause* “Food”!And, introduced, themselves being “The Foodies!” 🙂  And, in a flow, asked me, “Are you a foodie?” 😉
With a subtle pause and a smile, I answered, “I love to explore. Would love to explore food as well !” 🙂
And, that’s how my journey started with exploring food and restaurants.
Over the time, I have been to so many restaurants across Hyderabad, explored various types of food, various cuisines, known so many ‘foodies’.
And, meanwhile, in this journey, I have got a new word added to my introduction, “A Foodie” ! 🙂
Also, would love to be called as a food connoisseur, hopefully sooner 😉 being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
So, what were some of those amazing food/drink items that I had in these 2 years? Food and the restaurant that deserves the equal credit, for the added word in my introduction…
A few of them listed…
1. Creme of Broccoli Soup at Ofen, Banjara Hills
I love Broccoli but, pretty selective about creamy soups. That day, we were super tired, and all we wanted is, lots of amazing food. But as we had this soup, we became so relaxed, so content. You know, right; that moment when your food gets connected to your nerve and soul and gives all the peace and happiness 🙂 being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
The green one at the top left corner is the ‘Cream of Broccoli’ soup
2. Crispy Water Chestnuts and Bamboo Shoots at Republic of Noodles
This was the very first time, I had a starter made of water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. The flavours were outstanding. I loved the water chestnuts more than the bamboo shoots. being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
The round ones are crispy water chestnuts and the flat ones are the Bamboo shoots
 3. Paneer Dum Roll at Ohri’s Tansen, Necklace Road
Having a starter of paneer is pretty common in Indian cuisine, but twisting it, is the trick. I considered this dish as a fusion, as cheese is not an Indian thing. But, that is how this rocked, though it’s a fusion, but perfect for Indian taste buds. being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
4. Chilly cheesy fritters at Deli9Bistro, Gachibowli (I am not sure about the exact name, also, didn’t find the same in their menu on zomato)
This one was like the European twist for the Indian ‘Mirchi Vada’ 😉  Absolutely, amazing. I wonder, if they have it still or not; as I haven’t been there recently. 😦 being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
5. . Breads and the European spread of various dips and salads (part of a lunch buffet) at Seasonal tastes, The Westin 
You want to try out various breads, softest to hardest. You get it here. Freshly baked. being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
6. Alfredo Pasta with Seedy Bread at Cafe Eclat, Gachibowli
Here the pasta is artisanal, which makes it lighter to eat. Also, i love my pasta always as a perfect blend of major white sauce and a lil of red sauce and sauteed exotic veggies. Cafe Eclat, made it perfect, loaded with extra veggies. Also, the seedy bread is artisanal as well and really worth tasting and is great to have along with the pasta. being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
7. The Farmer’s Market pizza at Ci Gusta! , Madhapur
A complete blog post for this place 🙂 , is here being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
8. The All veg on a Thin Crust pizza at Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills
The first time I had an exclusive thin crust pizza, was in Bangalore. It was okay to me. Just after a few days, I had this one; and it was soulful to me 🙂  Loaded with melted cheese, and exotic veggies, including artichokes. I love artichokes, though a veg, but mushy 😉 being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
9. Veg Hakka Noodles with veg Manchurian at United Kitchens of India, Jubilee Hills
So, I am not that fond of chinese food, ever. Even, that day, at this place, we ordered it, just because my friend wanted to have something chinese. And, as I told in one of my previous blogs, while exploring a cuisine , first time in a respective restaurant, I keep it to the basics. So, Hakka noodles with manchurian. Tadaaaa! and, I ended up having with a 2nd serving on my plate 🙂 I am not at all, yet, experimental with chinese food. If I like it, I stay by it. being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
10. Tauliya naan at Sahib’s Barbeque by Ohri’s
(I regret, that I don’t have a pic of it) 
But this naan was so amazing, that I was having it just like that, without any curries.
11. Chicken Dum Biryani at Palamuru Grill, Madhapur
If you are in Hyderabad, and didn’t have the biryani, you are missing on a big chunk 😉 … A perfect biryani for my taste buds is, neither very spicy, nor very bland. I have had biryani, here in Hyderabad, at so many places. And, I was waiting to say, “this biryani with hyderabadi touch is perfect for me”. And that I got to say, just few days back, while I had my first few gulps at Palamuru Grill. being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
12. Dessert spread (part of a lunch buffet) at Seasonal Tastes, The Westin
This plate is showing just one-fifth of the spread. A spread, where I liked almost each and every dessert. (No, pics for all 😦 ) being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
13. Cheesecake Gelato Sundae at Ci Gusta, Madhapur
You want to celebrate? You want to have something sweet? Or, you just want to have a dessert? You want to have something, italian? Or else, you want to have something exotic and soulfully pampering to your heart and appetite?  – This is the answer! 🙂
This is the perfect combination of happiness – one of them is a ‘digestive biscuit’ 🙂 Don’t freak out, this biscuit makes it worth indulging. Have it and explore it 😉 being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
14. Spicy Khus Mocktail (forgot the exact name) at So.The Sky Kitchen, Film Nagar
A mocktail, that is spicy, sweet, sour and tantalizing to the throat and the senses 😉
A time of its own, with every sip of it! 🙂 being a foodie... towards a connoisseur!
Well, this was a tough post for me, honestly! As, its just a small slice, of what I liked and loved, in my food journey, till now; a lot of selections, eliminations, thoughts, memories 🙂
But worth of it all… A happy, satisfied, content soul! Yet, a bit hungry appetite, again…yes, once again… 😉

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