Casbah ! the Arabian night experience…

“Who will change old lamps for new ones?… new lamps for old ones?” (The Arabian Nights)
The era of “change is the only constant”; I will be back to the above quote, at the end of this blog 😉
Till then, please read ahead 🙂
It was a celebratory meet and we wanted to celebrate at 12 night.
And in a moment we decided, let’s go to ‘Casbah’. We knew, Casbah being a part of The Westin, accounts for its overall dining experience.
Casbah!  “situated at the Elevate lounge of the Westin Hyderabad Mindspace is a place to rewind with your favorite Mediterranean finger food in a Middle Eastern ambiance with low seating and arched wall surroundings which would give you a feeling of living the Experience
A true depiction of the Middle Eastern culture giving a sense of warmth and comfort as you enter Casbah, a patio open to the sky with a large fountain would truly mesmerize and ask you to ponder more.”
The above description is quoted from their website.
As we entered this area, it was really the beauty in front of the eyes. It was beautiful combination of White and Blue. That reminded me of the place Santorini. The restaurant has some beautiful hanging lamps and other artifacts.



So, there is an open area just beside this; where a high volume party was on, that day. I agree, that the parties must not be be happening every other day. But also pretty sure, considering the presence of such an open area, they must be having such parties, sometime or the other.
Now coming to Casbah, it is directly open to this area.
So, if the high volume party is on there, how can Casbah bring the mesmerizinig experience of soothing Mediterranean feeling, to its diners. Mediterranean/Middle east accounts for the serenity of its time.
Coming to the food experience;
We were done with our dinner, just wanted to have some light snacks and more of a fun time, with a different experience.
With 3 of us , we wanted something to snack on, that would have sufficed everyone.
And as per the service in-charge’s recommendation, we asked for Cold Mezze Platter.
This platter had four kinds of assorted breads, along with four kinds of dips: Muhammara, Baba Ghanoush, Labneh and Hummus.
Muhammara had strong flavours  of red pepper, wanuts, garlic along with added lime and olive oil.
Baba Ghanoush was of eggplant.
Labneh was condensed yogurt with garlic, added chopped cucumber and olive oil.
Hummus with chickpeas and olive oil.
All the four dips were nice. My top two, with their best flavors were Hummus and Baba Ghanoush.
This platter also, had couple of cottage cheese cubes and olives.
Olives were served fresh with a dash of olive oil.
The platter as a whole, was good to have it.
Price: Rs.825 (Exclusive tax). Really?


Tell me, my readers honestly, would you really love to pay Rs.825 + taxes for this platter.
And there can be the someone saying, “Ohh come on, this is Westin!” . Yes, this is The Westin ( the 5-star rated) .
So here, I say, we want a 5-star experience when it comes to treatment, behavior and other hospitality, considering the fact that the prices will be definitely much higher than a regular dining experience; but, I discourage 10-star pricing of a stand-alone food item from the a-la carte.
As part of the same The Westin, I had an wonderful experience of a lunch buffet at Seasonal Tastes. It was an absolute value for money ( specially for a non-vegetarian).
And, what do we expect from a restaurant, ‘an experience’! An experience of good food, ambiance, service and value for money.
For me, its like…
Food: 4.5
Ambiance: 3.5 ( Could have given 4.5, if only the dining are is considered; but, someone who would want to blend in with the serenity of arabian nights, will never get that, if a high volume party is on in that open area.)
Service: 4
Value For Money: 2.5
So, now coming back to the quote mentioned in the first line of this blog post; “who will change old lamps for new ones?… new lamps for old ones?”
Old lamps are that the 5-star rated places have been giving 10-star rated pricing for the food; and changing it to the more valued pricing. New lamps are bringing up a restaurant(themed for Mediterranean experience) beside a high-volume open party area; and changing it to the actual old world Mediterranean/Middle East charm of serenity and tranquility and giving an absolute dining experience.
Now, after getting into writing this post, I wondered, should it be a part of ‘Good Times’ blog? Then, I asserted that “yes, we all deserve the goodtimes of life, in every possible way; so, why not to bring this experience to my readers!”. 🙂

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