Ci Gusta! – the italian food experience…

‘I’m in love. I’m having a relationship with my pizza.’ – Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

So much, I can relate to this line.
Ever since, I have discovered pizza; it’s like slowly-slowly, with every passing day, my liking got promoted to my fondness and then it got promoted to being in love and now; I am in relationship with my pizza 😉
You ask me to name one food I would like to eat; and, without a thought, I say ‘a thin crust pizza loaded with melted cheese and some exotic veggies’ . Pretty simple, isn’t it?
Yes, being in love and being in a relationship, is pretty simple.
Ohh, but this post is not to discuss the various dynamics of a relationship! 😉
It’s about Ci Gusta!
This calls for an italian food experience.
So, on one fine Saturday evening, I and my friend wanted to dine out. Wanted to have Italian. Just a day before, I was recommended this place by an awesome recognised foodie. And, we headed on.
Counter and the oven area
I am not that fussy when I explore a new restaurant. If it’s a cuisine specific, I go for the easiest and basic ones and ask the service in-charge there, to recommend the best out of that.
So, for an Italian restaurant, it’s simply Pizza and Pasta, for eating and tasting comfortably.
I was recommended to have creamy pasta, both, by my foodie friend Rahul Basu and the service in-charge there. I added, to blend it with a lil’ red sauce and sauteed veggies.
What turned out, was ‘nice to have it’.
The quantity is like; if you wanna team it up with other food items, it will serve for two, otherwise enough for one. (the quantity in the pic is just the first portion of my plate; so, overall three times of it)
Then comes the mighty pizza. We wanted it veg. I first thought to go for four cheese and four peppers (given my love for cheese). But then, the service in-charge was prompt and asked us to go for The Farmer’s Market.
I always anticipate, ‘how the pizza is gonna be , this time’. Bang on!
Loved it! Just as, how I mentioned, ‘a thin crust pizza loaded with melted cheese and some exotic veggies’.
The quantity is like; Again; if you wanna team it up with other food items, it will serve for two, otherwise enough for one. Said that, since its pizza, know your appetite and order accordingly. Ohh, by the way these are 12″ ones.
It was a celebratory treat. So, wanted to have dessert. And when you are in the Italian world, what else other than a gelato.
Just with a couple of tasting and we opted for blueberry cheesecake and tiramisu.
Blueberry cheesecake; awesome. Tiramisu; it’s nice, but it gets slightly bitter for teetotalers like me. It has rum in its ingredients. Well, again, the guy on the counter, had already mentioned, that it has rum in it.
I personally feel, it’s always awesome to have such trained people in restaurants, who does mention about such small facts like these, to make it easier for the customers.
Then, we were also asked to taste all other flavours. And, I voted the Pan flavour as the top one. It works as a dessert and mouth-freshner. Absolutely awesome!
Value For Money: 4.8
Ambience: 4 (So, I have this simple expectation, from across the restaurants, if you account for a certain cuisine, bring the same music on. Music connects to the heart, as the food connects to the appetite.)
Food: 4.8 (there is always some scope for improvement; that’s it)
Service: 5
After all these, we could easily say, ‘Ci Gusta!’ (‘We Like It’, in English) 🙂

Ci Gusta! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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