Winter on,Taste Buds on; #PunjabiFoodFestival !

As there is a drop in temperature and the chillness in weather, what do we all crave for?
        —  that’s, The Food !
And, what else can be better than the yummy, mouthwatering, salivating feast from best of Punjab. 
Yes, the ‘Punjabi Food Festival’ is on at United Kitchens of India, Hyderabad.
Starting from starters along with the sweet/salted buttermilk or lassi, moving on to main course, and then desserts; everything bang on.
I am opting to not put up the menu here, to keep the quest of mystery on.
Well, on a precise note, its 60% from their regular menu and 40% out of that.
Vegetarians, you do have a deal: they have a starter made of lotus stem, which has been my favorite of the feast. And, I being a non-vegetarian, can proudly vouch for it. 


Non-vegetarians: You have an amazing deal of sheek kabab and chicken delicacies to being upto all fishy 😉
And, a sumptuous main-course to overeat. It’s fine at times, to over-eat. (Said that, balance it along with healthy and conscious eating, at other times)
They have a well-balanced spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, having dishes of paneer, dal makhni, chicken, mutton and fish.
Amritsari Fish Masala, must try, if you are a non-vegetarian!
Punjabi Food festival and that too in winters, has to be incomplete, if they would not have makai di roti and sarson da saag.
You have assorted Indian breads including Makai Di Roti and Amritsari Bharwan Kulcha.

And, these all starts with a non-alcoholic desi-shot with our very own favourite chakkhna;) That’s a sour-spicy Indian street beverage with bhalla-sev chat!
In desserts,  ‘jalebi with rabdi’ – will give your sweet tooth, a definite happiness. Firnee and Gajar ka halwa, should satisfy the cravings!
Note: Festival has started on 12th November, 2016 and will on till 20th November, 2016.
Price: Rs.749/- (all inclusive)
Bon-Appetite 🙂
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2 thoughts on “Winter on,Taste Buds on; #PunjabiFoodFestival !

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  1. This restaurant had already made a place in my heart, due to the manager's courteous gestures, during my last visit. And, your representation of the feast, is absolutely drooling, that I have to be on for this fest, to satisfy my Punjabi vegetarian appetite.


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