Write it right – Chef’s Table

Binge watching is in fashion. And as they said, "style is eternal, fashion fades." Holds for everything. Not only clothes, the term 'fashion' applies for anything, that says, "getting popular during a certain span of time/latest in trend." What is it to talk about 'binge watching', for this post? Well, not exactly that..moving on to... Continue Reading →

Hyderabad Market By Karen Anand

Food festivals? ... the thought of that brings me so much anticipation; what all will be a part of it; how would be the quality; as a food taster, when I am giving it a 'go ahead', anticipating that the customer will also enjoy it. That's what I was exactly thinking about when I eventually... Continue Reading →

The confection of Grandeur: Taj Krishna!

A lively Sunday, a happy weekend; that was just about to be over. We were eying the  exquisite  portico of one of those properties which are known to be quintessentially affluent. The brand name of hospitality and luxury, known worldwide. It has the historical heritage of providing the most extravagant experience to its guests. We were at... Continue Reading →

Casa Cibo Italiano… Cibo House!

It’s a mid-week day. Two friends at office talking about, “No lunch from home”. One of them says, “Let’s see at the cafeteria, will get something”. The other says, “Let’s go out, long time we haven’t been out on a lunch, on a working day.” Next question in mind, “Where to go?” – Answer comes,... Continue Reading →

Colours…speaking the Beauty of Soul

Which colour am I looking for? Pretty much everytime, this question arises in my mind, either for designing or decorating or even shopping for clothes. Do I want bright colours or composed colours? If bright colours, then what should be the motifs? Being an Indian by origin, I do love Indian colours and accents. But I... Continue Reading →

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