Sit, Relax and Be in those Moments !

A spot –  where the sun unexpectedly shows up on a cold winter morning, or to feel the rain drops pouring outside as you sip your hot cup of chai/coffee .

A corner – where you would love to feel the morning breeze of summer days or gaze at the stars on that quite evening.


Favourite place in that room or space of your home – which defines your “me-time”. You can read a book, listen to the music, sip on your favourite beverage or having a quite exchange of lovely words with your beloved.

It can be the balcony
It can also be your work space at home

The place that gives you the motivation to meditate and connect to your inner being, to your soul and lets you grow with all the wellness and richness of life.

Following is the snapshot of an architect-cum-designer’s coverage:

Some inspiration for such a decor :



1. A big arm chair, which can easily accommodate 2 of us 😉

As, I would also love to sit there with my beloved for sharing our thoughts as we will be sharing our life.

2. A lovely cushion for my arm chair

My love for cushions is forever. And a brighter one, just brightens the moment. I have been loving the kantha stiched cushion covers since last few years and I am pretty much sure, that this love is gonna stay !

3. A small Acacia Palm plant or a set of Bamboo stems

Acacia palms or a set of bamboo stems are said to bring luck along with being air purifiers.

4. A vase with fresh flowers

Flowers are one of the best things to charm up the place. And being fresh flowers, that brings a sense of life, fragrance and to me “definitely a lot of happiness”.

5. Meditating Buddha

The epitome of peace, serenity, wisdom ! “What we think, we become.” – Buddha

6. Books

Design is my right brain and that too needs its own feed.

7. Adjacent to a window, with some beautiful curtains hanged on it

Morning Sunlight- Check. Fresh air- Check. Sound of Rain Drops- Check.
Watching the Moon- Check. Cool Breeze- Check.

8. A table that will have the plant, Buddha, books and some extra space for keeping couple of coffee mugs

To set everything perfectly, along with little extra space for imperfection.

9. A lamp with perfect light to read and yet relax

The perfect lighting sets the mood on.

10. Photo with my beloved either on corner table or on the adjacent wall

Love has the highest frequency of energy.

This place adds a lot of character to your space, the space that is specially and mostly, only for the people living in that home. As that is said, each aesthetic has to be chosen with love, emotions and by knowing the self.
All my lovely readers, do let me know in comments, how you would love to have such space for yourself. What are your inspirations? What else you would like to do in such a space of your own?

This is a lovely piece of  decor space photography by Ankush Maria. You can have a look of his works here

(Photo-source Credits: Across the Internet)

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