Stay in VOGUE

VOGUE – It is the prevailing fashion or that impeccable style at a particular time.

So, is it necessary to stay in Vogue, always? – I say, No!

But, it’s a Choice! A choice for oneself, to look better, to feel better.
So, when I say better, I declare that better than what you were yesterday – (not competing with anyone else).

Coming back to, is it important to stay in Vogue…

Staying in Vogue, can work as a therapy.
This will definitely be a therapy for boosting your confidence, your inner self-value. It will work as an overall wellness boost for life. It’s an experience, an everyday experience of dressing up and looking absolutely awesome.
Why a therapy? Well, as you put some efforts in dressing up impeccably, you look good, people do appreciate that and you get compliments. In the process, you are bound to feel an increasing factor in happiness. As a circle of life, that confidence and the happiness gets you that extra glow on your face and sparkle in your eyes, and you get the bonus in the “looking attractive”, as well.

And all this can sum up to a great productivity in your work (additional and a must factor, “being honest towards you work”, whatever you do)


I do mention this once again, that staying in Vogue, having a sense of style and dressing up impeccably – all these are choices. Choices made for self. An investment of little efforts for self.
Every person is having an unique style. Get to know your style and let that be the journey of your life.

Perspective: Where Vogue says all about fashion and style, “Staying in Vogue” has a much broader aspect. Staying in vogue is also about fitness, taking good care of skin and hair, having a positive outlook towards life, getting a balance between work, fun, chaos and serenity.


Here, I am sharing some of my favorites videos from my favorite international magazine, VOGUE:

73 questions with Anna Wontour – Editor-in-chief with Vogue since 1988
How to get a Job at Vogue with Alexa Chung | Full Documentary | Future of Fashion | British Vogue
The Ramp Walk video that got me into All Vogue access

Inside Vogue’s Confidential Closet | VOGUE India


Inside the Wardrobe of Miranda Kerr | British Vogue

P.S. I am not advertising the magazine Vogue, rather an effort for all my readers to the All Vogue access !

My favorite Style quote:


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