New Year 2016: Best Version of Yourself !!

The year 2015 is over, and while you might not have got everything done that year, you can start making plans for 2016 and getting ready to start putting plans into action and ticking off all those pesky New Year goals.
My accomplishments depend on how honestly I live my goodtimes. And that depends on my daily lifestyle.
Here, I pen down my “Stick to This” list :
1.      Dedication for work.
Work goes irrespective of Man or Woman or Working Woman or Homemaker.
And, I would vouch for the fact that a very generous part of our being happy and living
the goodtimes, depends on “how efficient we are for whatever we are working on?” .
I would say, “Be dedicated !” to work efficiently. Prioritize, your tasks ! Set your own
honest timelines to finish up the tasks.  Work SMART ! That says, keep checking your
productivity at the day’s end. This will help with the overall productivity for the next day.
And by a month end, your work accomplishment will be enough visible.


2.      Dedication for self.
Give time to yourself ! To analyze, to relax, to pamper, to chill, to be idle, to think, to
live . This will work as a catalyst towards your accomplishments.
3.      Time for Family and Friends.
Family – the core to happiness ! There will be days when you might not be that happy or
rather much not satisfied, but the family is there, forever. Yes, I would love to
say..Family is forever !
FRIENDS 🙂 Even if you have just a few amazing friends in your life who can be your best
critics, who can be the motivators for the lowtimes, who keeps the optimism and
with whom you can chill with some stupidity, “Life is much easier !”
4.      Staying Clutter-free.
Keeping the heart clutter-free. -> Only love and happiness.
Keeping the mind clutter-free. -> Only positive thoughts, good vibes and 
Keeping the closet clutter-free. -> Having the clothes/bags/shoes/jewelry, that we really use.
Keeping the work desk clutter-free. -> Organised desk.
And this will end up having a life, clutter-free. 

5.      Healthy Body.
Exercise ! Exercise! Exercise! Let it be your lifestyle.
Let yourself to eat healthy food,  at-least 95% of the time !
There is no substitute for the happiness that you get out of being fit and healthy.
6.      Glowing, flawless skin and gorgeous hair.
Are looks important?  I do say, “Yes!”.  When it comes to possess a skin that is flawless and glowing and mane that is beautiful, healthy and is important.
Let it be your discipline that you pamper yourself with proper skincare and hair routine, everyday.


7.      Healthy bank balance.
Save ! Save ! Save before you spend !

“Money looks better in the bank than on your feet.” – Sophia Amoruso.

You can spend or splurge but do remember, the everlasting happiness of splurge only depends on first saving and then on intelligent splurging. Yes, myself being a shopaholic, I can vouch for this !

The following discipline would definitely help you to succeed in your multiple goals, that you would want to accomplish :
  1.  Write down your goals.
  2.  Focus on one goal at a time. (Prioritize)
  3.  Create a timeline.
  4.  Stick to your plan.
Have a fabulous year 2016 by remolding into the “Best Version of Yourself !” , and accomplish the lifetime goodtimes !
Stay successful, Stay happy, Stay fit, Stay beautiful, Stay rich !

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  1. Its really good article and one should follow to make life comfortable and smooth running.. Keep continue writing such blogs and let the people know good things 🙂


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