Hues Of Monsoons !!

Monsoon awakes the nature from a deep sleep and the entire dry land turns into beautiful green colored picturesque landscape. India is a land of great scenic beauty, lush green forest, beautiful valleys and amazing waterfalls.
The basic colors around are grey clouds, green plants/trees , deep brown earth. And , the bright colors pop in the form of flower blossoms and beautifully happy chirping birds. Saying goes that the monsoon gives the dull and gloomy feel, but I would say it’s the best way to feel the nature.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.  ~Rabindranath Tagore

One can anytime combat this thought of feeling gloomy about monsoons, by keeping the interiors ready. Let the vibrant and luscious splendour of home, speaks for itself.


Since, the nature chooses some of its favorite colors…I would love to choose the bright hues for the interiors. Warm and bright colors can make us feel comfortable, creating harmony. Since, India is the land of changing seasons, personally I would never suggest for a change in wall paint and the overall furniture. What we can work on are the sofa covers, cushion covers, mats, bed covers/sheets.
If the upholstery is in neutral, it can be brightened up with bright cushions and throws !!



Enough sitting area to have a get-together at home 

Happy Colors for the “not that dull” weather 🙂

Also, some beautiful artifacts and warm lighting gives a very happy, cozy feeling.

Warm lighting


Various artifacts across the room
Colorful wall hangings and decor pieces !!


Keeping some happy books handy 
The neutral wall can be brightened with colorful paintings !!


A bright sitting !!

Something, like this wonderful swing adds a personal touch to our dream abode 🙂 

A lovely swing to sit, relax and read the favorite book, as it is pouring outside !! This one is from Simran Dhaliwal’s home in Bangalore !!
Monsoon is a season to be loved and felt and cherished. And, so does our home 🙂 
Lets make each moment of our life, “the goodtimes” , and live with all the cheer.
P.S. Let the outside day light pop in, whether it is raining or not raining !!


Where thou art, that is home. ~ Emily Elizabeth Dickinson

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