Year Long Awaited Festival of COLOURS – HAPPY HOLI :) :)

COLOURS have always been a designer’s favourite. The vibrancy and the spark of colours always make me excited and so does this Indian festival. Though I never want any special reason to decorate my house with lovely colours, but holi is just a perfect occassion to give it a special attention. Whether its decorating interiors for Holi Milan when friends coming and having a cheerful time or its about preparing delicious mithai delicacies and cool thandai, everything in all gives me a spark … Ohh am sooo Happy!!
India is a country of diversities in its all best forms. And states like Rajasthan, Punjab, Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, all just enhance these. After spending quite a certain time in Rajasthan, I always have a keen fondness towards colours and beauty in its every form. I always love to make it Royal and Grand. Rajasthan has contributed a lot for my intricate passion towards decoration and  beauty in its royal and serene ways. Its a global state of handicrafts for every occasion and every day. Punjab, the state of yellow mustard and greenery. People there are always truly colourful, I cherish the sight of Amritsar. Bengal the state, always gives a unique attention to the combo of Red and White. Ohh, thats interesting, whether its a bengali married woman’s signature Sankha-Pola or a special Durga Puja attire of Red-White Garad saari. Karnataka famous for its silk, in all the most vibrant colours , and they definately look so elegant. Ans so does every place has its own form of presenting the beauty of colours. And Holi is just another way of celebrating our own life with this beauty.
On this Holi, i would love to see my home beautifully decorated with a mirror work and phulkari decor attires, colourful cotton block prints cushions here and there, with some lovely indoor and outdoor plants. All the delicacies like Thandai, gujiyaa, malpuye, boondi lke laddoo, mathri, …. Outdoors decorated with thalis of lovely vibrant colours of gulal and buckets of colour. Friends, I just love playing Holi. My friends are scattered throughout India and even few across the world, and I just wish if I could have seen everyone at my home for holi milan and would have done lots and lots of fun filled with cheer, colours, vibrancy. All my dear friends, do drop at my place or atleast do drop comments whatever you feel , anything globally.  I love to hear from my friends.
And for my friends who love to decorate there house with lovely colours, want to give you a home tour of famous blogger and lovely designer, Sanghamitra Bhattacharjee’s Delhi home.


 lovely corner for a gossip over chai


 drawing room with natural daylight




drawing room under beautiful lamp light
You may see more beautiful features of her home here . And you will definately find some treasure. Her Singapore home is decorated as well in a lovely Indian style. Thanks Sangamitra, for sharing the pictures of your beautifully decorated house.


8 thoughts on “Year Long Awaited Festival of COLOURS – HAPPY HOLI :) :)

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  1. @Mita…Awesome Blog.The style of writing and the collection pics depict ur creativity and simplicity(which in my views is in itself a style).And,very rightly said…the blog will keep people thinking about it….I have already started thinking abt d ways how other Indian states must be depicting d beauty of colours…:)

    Keep up the good work Mita..deres scope for much improvement as u have just strted..keep blogging


  2. i wish you have a colourful holi with your your new home call it canvas where an artist like you can splash various color to look like a picasso masterpiece..
    Having said that, i must congratulate you for having a hidden writer in you..isshh..


  3. Holi is so awesome, especially in college life 😛 Very well written, I can visualize holi just by reading the blog…and yeah..Happy Holi!!


  4. Hey patty.. 🙂
    I am honoured that, I am getting a comment from you.. woww.. m just loving this…. Hey i love your home and your design concepts. Thanks a lot !! I am very new to this design blog, and now i am just loving it, more because am getting a chance to know you all. Hope you are having a great time… 🙂

    Lots of love and best wishes…


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